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USA Today – Aug 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Adjective in many rap names LIL
Alice’s way into Wonderland RABBITHOLE
Allots, with ‘out’ DOLES
Archie’s dense pal MOOSE
Baldwin of ‘It’s Complicated’ ALEC
Be alive BREATHE
Be wild about ADORE
Begin a voyage SETSAIL
Bloody Mary garnish CELERY
Boxers with belts CHAMPS
Breakfast-in-bed item TRAY
Cabinet position, e.g POST
Car that doesn’t need gas TESLA
Cash-back deals REBATES
Choir’s place LOFT
Cleanse with Era, say DETERGE
Colonial insects ANTS
Constellation with a belt ORION
Crocheting need YARN
Do a cutting room job EDIT
Doesn’t 30-Across OBEYS
Earth’s center CORE
Ethan ___ (furniture chain) ALLEN
Fit to be tied LIVID
Flea market caveat ASIS
Great Trek emigrant BOER
Greedy king of myth MIDAS
Greedy one’s cry MINE
Handicrafts-selling site ETSY
Hold in abomination HATE
In a blue funk SAD
Job interview subject CAREERGOAL
Krupp works city ESSEN
Lapel device, perhaps MIKE
Like a hedgehog SPINY
Like a tavern’s aroma, perhaps BEERY
Loses firmness SAGS
Made tracks RAN
Multiplex offerings MOVIES
Clues Answers
Musk of 6-Down ELON
N.Y. gallery MOMA
Officeholder, for short POL
One of four in the heart CHAMBER
Overnight lodgings INNS
Paint store selection HUE
Partner of hearty HALE
Passage with a keystone ARCHWAY
Place for a sand wedge TRAP
Place for a watch fob VESTPOCKET
Places for roasts OVENS
Play starter ACTI
Pre-K attendees TOTS
Present containing food, often GIFTBASKET
Reach, as a destination GETTO
Seafood salad morsel CRAB
Seemingly forever AGES
Shrubs in hedges PRIVETS
Sign, as a deal INK
Skilled, as a seaman ABLE
Smokestack emission SOOT
Snobs put them on AIRS
Snorkeler’s wear MASK
Squandered, as a lead BLEW
Stadium shape, perhaps OVAL
Stand firm against RESIST
Stanford-___ (IQ test) BINET
Tech’s customer USER
Theater and dance, for two ARTS
Trig, e.g MATH
Varsity group TEAM
Venomous arboreal snake MAMBA
Wapiti, by another name ELK
Word before panel or flare SOLAR
Workers in aisles USHERS
Yellow comics dog ODIE
Young hen PULLET
___ Moss (fashion label) ELLA
___-country (music genre) ALT