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USA Today – Aug 12 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Black Swan’ actress Kunis MILA
‘I remember now’ AHYES
‘Moral of the Story’ singer ASHE
‘Rubaiyat’ poet Khayyam OMAR
‘See you later!’ CIAO
Android counterpart IOS
B-school degree MBA
Back in time AGO
Bagel topping LOX
Bail on class SKIP
Becomes ready for customers OPENS
Bluegrass accessories BANJOPICKS
Capital with trains to Casablanca RABAT
Chain with notoriously long receipts CVS
Coral reef’s home OCEAN
Cut into thin pieces SLICED
Deploy USE
Did really well on ACED
Direction opposite WSW ENE
Drive away ALIENATE
Elena Kagan, to Thurgood Marshall LAWCLERK
Enjoyed mango sticky rice, say ATE
Enters a username and password LOGSIN
False identity ALIAS
Far from nice MEAN
Flew on foot RAN
Great deal of, informally LOTTA
Has being EXISTS
Head off AVERT
Heads off PREVENTS
Hongbao color RED
Joints for some tattoos ANKLES
Karaoke bar needs MICS
Large piece SLAB
Largest fast-food chain in China KFC
Long periods of time EONS
Make the wrong call ERR
Many a Pam Grier film BMOVIE
Martens with silky fur SABLES
Martial arts legend Bruce LEE
Meadow mamas EWES
Mountain range across eight countries ALPS
Ms. ___-Man PAC
National Mall tree ELM
Not fall in line BREAKRANKS
Overflow TEEM
Palindromic flour ATTA
Part of a dance lesson STEP
Part of a poker pot ANTE
Place to exchange vows ALTAR
Places to remove makeup BATHROOMSINKS
Prefix meaning ‘five’ PENTA
Pressed the horn HONKED
Printer annoyance JAM
Pursues CHASES
Put on the market SELL
Sakura Kokumai’s martial art KARATE
Salad dressing choice BALSAMIC
Sambusa veggies PEAS
Seat for a queen THRONE
Setting for a period piece ERA
Sign after Taurus GEMINI
Single-stranded molecule RNA
Sticky tree fluid SAP
Strong who voiced Raven TARA
Switch dichotomy ONOFF
Talks back to SASSES
Tony winner Ramirez SARA
Treatment for dark circles EYEGEL
Uses a plus sign ADDS
Wintry mix component SLEET
___ Aid RITE
___ borealis AURORA
___ fide (genuine) BONA
___ interpreter (figure at some press conferences) ASL
___ mignon FILET
___ spray NASAL
___ up (enlivens) PEPS