USA Today – Aug 12 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ bit SKIT
‘Butter’ pop group BTS
‘I need a cue!’ LINE
‘In the Heights’ director Jon M CHU
Accomplishment FEAT
Aduba of ‘In Treatment’ UZO
Adult fawns DEER
Anti-establishment music genre PUNKROCK
Archaeologist’s assignment DIG
Automated Twitter account BOT
Bio celebrating a life OBIT
Blueprint detail, for short SPEC
Bouncers check them IDS
Bro or sis, e.g SIB
Brood X insect CICADA
Cafe orders similar to lattes FLATWHITES
Chadwick of ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ BOSEMAN
Chapati flour ATTA
Charged particle ION
Circus tent BIGTOP
Colorful pond swimmers KOI
Conversation subject TOPIC
Convinced to spend more UPSOLD
CPR experts EMTS
Croatia’s continent EUROPE
Cruel person MEANIE
Crunchy pad thai topping PEANUT
DHL competitor UPS
Didn’t lose in musical chairs SAT
Disparaging SNIDE
Employ USE
Encourages, in a way PATSONTHEBACK
Envelope part FLAP
Everything but the kitchen ___ SINK
Exasperated exclamation ACK
Fish or shrimp coating BEERBATTER
Form W-2 input SSN
Frozen drink with a Mermaid flavor ICEE
Gestation organ UTERUS
Glass blower or cartoonist, e.g ARTIST
Group of eight OCTET
High-level H.S. math class APCALC
Hockey disc PUCK
House, in Spanish CASA
Hummingbirds’ homes NESTS
Italian wine region ASTI
Janelle often seen in a tux MONAE
Labors TOILS
Lbs. parts OZS
Like fingers after holding a newspaper INKY
Lure in ENTICE
Major nuisance PAININTHENECK
Move rapidly back and forth PINGPONG
Networker’s connections INS
Noodle served with Japanese curry UDON
Noticed SEEN
Pampering places SPAS
Place to see a shooting star SKY
Poker payment ANTE
Prefix with ‘center’ and ‘dermis’ EPI
Public transit option BUS
Saffron, for example SPICE
Shakshouka ingredients EGGS
Sheep that sounds like you EWE
Shift blame to someone else PASSTHEBUCK
Sleeveless tops TANKS
Sneakers with swooshes NIKES
Sound made when touching your pet’s nose, maybe BOOP
Staple in cajun cuisine CATFISH
They might be hung as swings TIRES
UFO pilots ETS
Vein of ore LODE
Voting compartment BOOTH
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Word after ‘gay’ or ‘fashion’ ICON

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