USA Today – Aug 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Cheep’-ly built homes NESTS
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ settings ERS
‘Who ___ he think he is?!’ DOES
Agitate ROIL
Ancient Egyptian symbol of life ANKH
Audition TRYOUT
Baby zebra FOAL
Ballet bend PLIE
Basketball or hockey attempt SHOT
Becomes less bright DIMS
Boat in Genesis ARK
Bonnet material SATIN
Broadcast again REAIR
California redwood, for example TREE
Car or truck, for example VEHICLE
Clothing patch type IRONON
Color HUE
Come to your ___ SENSES
Completely destroy RUIN
Cynical JADED
Did part of a biathlon SKIED
Didn’t float SANK
Dishonest person LIAR
Downhill glider SLED
Earthy shade of green SAGE
Excuse in a mystery novel ALIBI
Fake name ALIAS
Frequently OFTEN
Furniture chain whose first store was in Almhult IKEA
Garbage disposal’s place SINK
Got older AGED
Green energy type SOLAR
Have a faceoff GOTOETOTOE
Impediments to teamwork EGOS
In mint condition NEW
Is in debt OWES
Kings, Royals or Monarchs TEAM
Laurie Halse Anderson novel SPEAK
Less strong version of ‘lmao’ LOL
Marvel character shipped with Mobius LOKI
Meat-eating animal CARNIVORE
Mom’s sister AUNT
Not far away NEAR
Not get up until 10 a.m., maybe SLEEPIN
One of six on a cube FACE
Part of a drum kit SNARE
Places for studs or hoops EARS
Produces eggs LAYS
Quip that makes people groan CORNYJOKE
Reptile with red, yellow and black coloring CORALSNAKE
Sanskrit term of respect SRI
Shop that has sweet deals CANDYSTORE
Short bit of sleep NAP
Spanish for 61-Across TIA
Starting phase ONSET
Story TALE
Supervisor BOSS
Thing on a list ITEM
Trail mix piece SEED
Try a drink SIP
Unit equaling approx. five mL TSP
Vague ending for a threat ORELSE
Very enthusiastic EAGER
What tons are a measure of MASS
What tweed is made from WOOL
Willy in ‘Free Willy’ was one ORCA
Word before ‘surgery’ or ‘history’ ORAL
Word that’s short for ‘perquisite’ PERK
Workplaces for locticians HAIRSALONS
Writing tools PENS
Your and my OUR
YouTube star Mills ELLE
___ al-Adha EID
___ fresca AGUA
___ mein CHOW
___ numerals ROMAN
___ out (barely gets) EKES
___ roller (tool for sore muscles) FOAM

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