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USA Today – Aug 13 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Although, thinking about it from the other side . . .’ THENAGAIN
‘Baby Cobra’ comedian Wong ALI
‘It’s the end of an ___’ ERA
‘On the Basis of ___’ (RBG biopic) SEX
‘The language of the unheard,’ according to MLK RIOT
‘Uh-huh’ YEP
‘Well, OB-viously’ NODUH
‘___ Always Love You’ (Whitney Houston hit) IWILL
A 110-foot-long serving of nachos in 2018 had 450 pounds of it SALSA
Anger IRE
Aqua relative TEAL
Banana protector PEEL
Be fond of LIKE
Big vessel at a marina YACHT
Broadway’s ‘Come From ___’ AWAY
Burden ONUS
Capital home to the Acropolis ATHENS
Computer problem VIRUS
Dare alternative TRUTH
De-fleeced SHORN
Decay ROT
Deep purple berry ACAI
Deliberated overnight SLEPTONIT
Demographic with immigrant grandparents THIRDGENERATION
Dispensers of 20s ATMS
DNA’s ‘double’ shape HELIX
Dog command SIT
Down Under bird EMU
Endure a tough setback with grace TAKEITONTHECHIN
Event location VENUE
Explorer voiced by Fatima Ptacek DORA
Farm sound OINK
Filmmaker DuVernay AVA
First ‘A’ in NAACP (Abbr.) ASSN
Gazpacho or gomguk SOUP
Gets ready PREPS
Give a stray a forever home, say ADOPT
Give way YIELD
Glowed SHONE
Grain buildings SILOS
Guide a vehicle STEER
Half a quart PINT
Hindu festival HOLI
Huffy mood SNIT
Hun ruler ATTILA
In the air ALOFT
Items in some social media feeds ADS
List of offerings MENU
Megan ___ Stallion THEE
Mined rock ORE
Mountain climbed by Moses SINAI
Opposite of division UNITY
Out-of-bed announcement IMUP
Pan for moo goo gai pan WOK
Protected, in a way INSULATED
Questionable FISHY
Quite VERY
Restless ANTSY
Reverberation ECHO
Silent OKs NODS
Singer Gabriel ANA
Site with reviews YELP
Stage constructions SETS
Strongly urge EXHORT
Sunglass lens feature TINT
Super sad TRAGIC
Swear CUSS
Symbol of solidarity FIST
T. rex, e.g DINO
Therefore THUS
U.S. org. hidden in two U.S. state names NSA
Villain’s hideaway LAIR
Vocal characteristic of Miranda Lambert or Loretta Lynn TWANG
Volleyball divider NET
Ways off a highway EXITS
What a baby bib catches DROOL
___-bitsy ITSY