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USA Today – Aug 14 2018

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Clues Answers
#, in music SHARP
‘Doctor Zhivago’ heroine LARA
‘Family Guy’ mom LOIS
‘High Hopes’ lyricist Sammy CAHN
‘___ means war!’ THIS
100-meter race, e.g DASH
61-Across transactions SALES
Accessory for an Amati VIOLINBOW
Add glitter to, say ADORN
Amazon’s business ETAIL
Android download, briefly APP
Angry tweets, e.g RANTS
At the acme of ATOP
Auto repair bill component PARTS
Bay Area wine valley NAPA
Best’s replacement in the Beatles STARR
Bone near the fibula TIBIA
Bus standee’s handful STRAP
Cinnabon offering ROLL
Climbed, as Everest SCALED
Clothing store department MENS
Cold relief brand CONTAC
Computer viruses, e.g MALWARE
Court affirmation IDO
Drink with a burger and fries COLA
Feral cat’s hangout ALLEY
Footwear for Mr. Peanut SPATS
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Gig component SET
Grid great Dickerson ERIC
Hangs back LAGS
High-tech surgery tool LASER
Hint of color TINGE
In a frugal manner SPARELY
Indiana city near Notre Dame SOUTHBEND
Keebler worker ELF
Leaf, as through a catalog RIFFLE
Like cupcakes, often ICED
Like Mr. Hyde EVIL
Like Swiss cheese HOLEY
Like Thor and Odin NORSE
Lombardi Trophy org NFL
Luggage-scanning org TSA
Lupino of ‘High Sierra’ IDA
Meal in a brown bag LUNCH
Merit badge holder SASH
Mythical ship to Colchis ARGO
No spring chicken OLD
Off-limits TABOO
Part of a bedroom set DRESSER
Pinball flub TILT
Placed on the back burner TABLED
Prepare to 67-Across LOAD
Pride member LION
Pub potables ALES
Pull the trigger FIRE
Reason to wear earplugs DIN
Recyclable container CAN
River of Yorkshire AIRE
Rolled-up ‘do FRENCHTWIST
Sailed through, as a test ACED
Secure, as a job LAND
Short-tempered GRUFF
Small bouquet POSY
Some glee club members ALTOS
Sounded like a raven CAWED
Speeder snagger RADAR
States further ADDS
Symbol on North Korea’s flag REDSTAR
Tea of ‘Madam Secretary’ LEONI
Tiny streams RILLS
Turkey’s currency LIRA
Twiddling one’s thumbs IDLE
U-shaped part of a road HAIRPINTURN
Up to the task ABLE
Word of mock fanfare TADA
___ fail (fiasco) EPIC