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USA Today – Aug 14 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Dang, that’s cool’ WOAH
‘Don’t do that!’ STOP
‘For Us, By Us’ brand FUBU
‘lol, that’s funny’ HAHA
‘Nothing else to see here!’ THATSIT
‘You’re not alone’ IMHERE
‘___ It Love?’ (‘Steven Universe: The Movie’ song) ISNT
‘___ on the street is . . .’ WORD
‘___ Wolf’ (Shakira album) SHE
180-degree turn from norte SUR
Accessory for Batwoman CAPE
Act smugly GLOAT
Actress Kenya MOORE
AED specialists EMTS
Airport screens TVS
Aji verde ingredient, for short MAYO
Apply icing to FROST
Artist’s inspiration MUSE
Astronauts’ org NASA
Basketball Olympian McCoughtry ANGEL
Carve with a laser ETCH
CBS procedural drama CSI
Cheat at pinball TILT
Chooses OPTS
Chopped potato dishes HASHES
Color HUE
Convo opener HEY
Couscous flour SEMOLINA
Cry hard SOB
Earns a trip to the swear jar CUSSES
English term for a telenovela SOAPOPERA
Forecast you might check daily HOROSCOPE
Fragrant salad dressing ingredient SESAMEOIL
Fruity wine drink SANGRIA
Hospital areas, briefly ERS
Inspiration for some before/after pictures (Abbr.) HRT
Instructions part STEP
Intended MEANT
It might be skipped on the water STONE
Jainist principle AHIMSA
Kissy noise MWAH
Large-scale conflicts WARS
Make sacred BLESS
Mama’s mama NANA
Marine mammal that carries around a 53-Across SEAOTTER
Name for a plush octopus INKY
Not hard at all EASY
Opposite of major MINOR
Partywear made from bedsheets TOGAS
Pigeon’s sound COO
Poison ___ IVY
Prestigious prizes NOBELS
Public credit SHOUTOUT
Scruff of the neck NAPE
SF Giants org MLB
Short poetry collections CHAPBOOKS
Small cup sizes AAS
Solo for Lucia Lucas ARIA
Sound magnifier AMP
Spanish 33-Across TAPA
Stance at a bodybuilding competition POSE
Starter dish, for short APP
State that’s home to Pando UTAH
Surname that means ‘rivers’ RIOS
Tap the brakes SLOWUP
That woman’s HERS
Translation of the Arabic ‘al’ THE
Tube for water HOSE
Units of land ACRES
Unlikely to mingle SHY
Unruly demonstrations RIOTS
Weapon for Valkyrie SWORD
Wipe from the chalkboard ERASE
Word after ‘lip’ or ‘panty’ LINER
___ of the above NONE
___, dos, tres . . UNO
___-pedi MANI