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USA Today – Aug 15 2018

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Clues Answers
‘. . . ___ dust shalt thou return’ UNTO
‘Add to that . . .’ ALSO
‘Coogan’s Bluff’ star LEEJCOBB
‘Pay attention!’ FOCUS
‘Sully’ star TOMHANKS
Backpackers’ outings HIKES
Best Female Athlete, e.g ESPY
Boston’s Faneuil ___ HALL
Bugged incessantly ATEAT
Causing the willies EERIE
Ceiling fan setting LOW
Common maladies COLDS
Corvette roof option, once TTOP
Daredevil’s lack FEAR
Deem suspicious DOUBT
Don’t disturb LETBE
Early Beatle Sutcliffe STU
End of a bully’s threat ELSE
Erosion-prone areas COASTS
Fabulist who wrote of talking animals AESOP
Feels remorseful about RUES
Fill-ins, informally SUBS
Flip out GOMAD
Geisha’s accessory OBI
Goalposts connector CROSSBAR
Golf course freebies PENCILS
Grist for the rumor mill HEARSAY
Honk at, say WARN
Human energy field AURA
It goes through loops BELT
Jon’s comics canine ODIE
King with fiddlers three COLE
Landlubber’s lack SEALEGS
LAX listing ETA
Lean against ABUT
Like some chocolate DARK
Logging camp gear AXES
Lot purchase AUTO
Mail meant to be passed on CHAINLETTER
Clues Answers
Makes good as new REPAIRS
Many a microbrew ALE
Mireille of ‘World War Z’ ENOS
Monarch’s entertainer COURTJESTER
Most crossword entries WORDS
Muscle attached to the Achilles tendon CALF
Natural emollient ALOE
Parabolic path ARC
Peephole’s place DOOR
Pheasant or partridge FOWL
Philatelist’s book STAMPALBUM
Pinocchio’s makeup WOOD
Place for exchanged vows ALTAR
Pollen collector BEE
Prepare for a marathon, say TRAIN
Prospector’s find ORE
Reason to use Glade ODOR
Reporter’s submission STORY
Scold, with ‘out’ CHEW
Scratching post user CAT
Shows fright PALES
Signaled, as a taxi HAILED
Slender woodwind OBOE
Smacks hard SWATS
Sniper’s asset AIM
Social climber, often SNOB
Spot for a houseplant SILL
Spy for Moses CALEB
Subtle summons PSST
Symbol in a religious painting HALO
Taker of deposits BANKTELLER
Textile quantities YARDS
Title city in a DuVernay movie SELMA
Tribal history LORE
Vane heading EAST
What fresh flowers eventually do WILT
Wheelbarrow shaft AXLE
Yanks’ foes REBS