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USA Today – Aug 15 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Electric’ fish EEL
‘I got hot ___ in my bag, swag’ (Beyonce lyric) SAUCE
‘I think you’re ___ something’ (‘Good idea’) ONTO
‘It’s the truth!’ HONEST
‘Millicent Min, Girl Genius’ author Yee LISA
‘Not now!’ LATER
‘Oh, darn!’ DRAT
‘True Blood’ star Paquin ANNA
‘What do you ___ to that?’ SAY
‘___-a-doodle-do!’ COCK
Ancient stories, e.g LORE
April ___ Day FOOLS
Aspiring AIMING
Bakery appliances OVENS
Beachfront hotel’s asset VIEW
Beige shade ECRU
Burn with liquid SCALD
Chew like a beaver GNAW
Contact by phone CALL
Container for Jack and Jill PAIL
Cove or bay INLET
Crow’s noise CAW
Cutting lumber, maybe SAWING
DIYer’s crack-filler CAULK
Do some stitching SEW
Dog breed with a golden coat YELLOWLAB
Dressy neckband ASCOT
Easter flower LILY
Fender bender result DENT
General vicinity AREA
Great Lake with the shortest name ERIE
Holier-than-thou type SNOB
Idris who played Macavity in ‘Cats’ ELBA
Illuminated from below UPLIT
Indoor horticulturist’s purchase POTTEDPLANT
Instagram upload PHOTO
Intelligent SMART
Jenga tower toppler, e.g LOSER
Judge’s garment ROBE
Lie adjacent to ABUT
Like old bread STALE
Like pourable butter MELTED
Like some milkshakes THICK
Like Thor and Odin NORSE
Mediterranean island republic MALTA
Messy buns, e.g UPDOS
Of major proportions EPIC
Open like an oyster SHUCK
Pantheon city ROME
Piano’s ‘ivories’ KEYS
Poetry slam sounds SNAPS
Prefix for ‘dynamic’ AERO
Protester’s placard SIGN
Questionable ‘university’ DIPLOMAMILL
Quran counterpart BIBLE
Rhyme and synonym of ‘grab’ NAB
Shade of purple PLUM
Shakespearean prince of Denmark HAMLET
Sheryl Swoopes, to Cynthia Cooper, e.g TEAMMATE
Sneaky tricks RUSES
Speedy FAST
Spine-tingling SCARY
Still on the store shelf UNSOLD
Story TALE
T-shirt material COTTON
Totally absurd INANE
Trembles in fright SHUDDERS
Turnip greens alternative KALE
Underwater vessels, for short SUBS
Up to the task ABLE
Upper crust ELITE
Utah-to-Nevada direction WEST
Word in read receipts SEEN
World capital on a fjord OSLO
Zesty Doritos flavor COOLRANCH
___ mode (with ice cream) ALA
___ your appetite WHET