USA Today – Aug 16 2018

Clues Answers
‘A Wrinkle in Time’ director DuVernay AVA
‘Biscuit’ introduced in 1912 OREO
‘Dad,’ to a rustic PAW
‘Feel the ___’ (Sanders slogan) BERN
‘Just sayin’,’ in texts IMO
‘Survivor’ teams TRIBES
‘The Censor’ of Rome CATO
‘Z,’ to a Brit ZED
1941 Orson Welles classic CITIZENKANE
Applies sloppily DAUBS
Arabian Peninsula sultanate OMAN
Avian source of red meat EMU
Beer hobbyist of sorts HOMEBREWER
Bug to no end ANNOY
Business school subj ECON
Chi-Town exchange, with ‘the’ MERC
College course unit CREDIT
Conan of late-night TV OBRIEN
Crimson Tide, familiarly BAMA
Crosstown ride, perhaps BUS
Forbidden fruit site EDEN
Go-go dancer’s wear MINISKIRT
Graduate’s debt, perhaps STUDENTLOAN
Hardly well-known OBSCURE
Home of twigs, perhaps NEST
House flippers’ deals RESALES
Hypothetical missing link APEMAN
India’s first prime minister NEHRU
Italian tire brand PIRELLI
Key in ENTER
Liederkranz cheese quality ODOR
Lightbulb, in comics IDEA
London or Manhattan area SOHO
Make a typo, say ERR
Mouth off RANT
Nary a soul NOONE
Nurse at a bar SIP
Often-microwaved noodles RAMEN
One in the clink CON
Pack firmly, as tobacco TAMP
Page with essays OPED
Part of a Lionel set CAR
PC introducer of 1981 IBM
Periods ending in ‘-zoic’ ERAS
Pine exudation RESIN
Place for antes POT
Ponte Vecchio’s river ARNO
Powerful working dog, for short ROTTIE
Predecessor and successor of 44-Across LENO
Press for payment DUN
Prog. for ‘Dreamers’ DACA
Put on a flash drive, say SAVE
Ran against OPPOSED
Read the UPC of SCAN
Respectful refusal NOSIR
Seeker of handouts MENDICANT
Sharp as a tack ACUTE
Slaps the cuffs on NABS
Smartphone image ICON
Sometimes-uneaten pizza part CRUST
Sounds from a bullpen SNORTS
Stack-serving chain IHOP
Suppress, as a story SITON
Surname at Tara OHARA
Take five REST
Take from, as savings DIPINTO
Terrier named for a Scottish isle SKYE
Three-letter scale note SOL
Ugly duckling, in time SWAN
Underdog’s win UPSET
USN noncom CPO
Utter disaster TRAINWRECK
Wedding party member USHER
Where one lives (Abbr.) RES
Wholly absorbed RAPT
Wordplay from Groucho PUN
___ XING (street sign) PED
___ Ysidro, Calif SAN

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