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USA Today – Aug 16 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘All bets ___ off’ ARE
‘Didn’t mean to do that!’ OOPS
‘I love,’ in Spanish AMO
‘Let’s call ___ night’ ITA
‘Oh, no!’ DEARME
‘Red Table Talk’ host ___ Pinkett Smith JADA
‘Westworld’ actress Thompson TESSA
Adolescent TEEN
As ___ on TV SEEN
Banish EXILE
Beverages sometimes brewed in the sun TEAS
Black Trans ___ Matter LIVES
Black-and-white whale ORCA
Boardroom bigwig, for short EXEC
Branch of biology ECOLOGY
Brand name used as a synonym for ‘photocopy’ XEROX
Brand of vacuums and hair dryers DYSON
Burger King sandwich with two patties DOUBLEWHOPPER
Character in ‘Victorious’ whose name appears in the title TORI
Chomped BIT
College official DEAN
Cookie brand with a Peach Oolong flavor OREO
Copy of Essence or Elle ISSUE
Dallas school SMU
Did some stitching SEWED
Droid, e.g ROBOT
Early recording of a song DEMO
Escalator segment STEP
Fifteenth-century Peruvian INCA
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Garden tool HOE
Give off EMIT
Go on a shopping ___ SPREE
Happily ___ after EVER
Have another go at REDO
Hawaii, the ___ State ALOHA
Help AID
Inventor who worked with Latimer EDISON
Jewelry designer Peretti ELSA
Large branch of a tree LIMB
Long-term spy MOLE
Main idea GIST
Mound PILE
Mrs. Richardson’s first name in ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ ELENA
Mystical glows AURAS
Nevada city RENO
Notion IDEA
Opportunity SHOT
Part of a book PAGE
Part of a horn section SAX
Pencil part ERASER
Philosophy CREDO
Prefix that means ‘somewhat’ SEMI
Prospectors’ finds LODES
Puddle gunk MUD
Punny last name for a snowman BURR
Purim celebrant JEW
Ready, ___, go SET
Request to a genie WISH
Requirement NEED
Revise EDIT
Sand hill DUNE
Second floor, for example UPPERSTORY
Shopper’s pay-it-later convenience CHARGEACCOUNT
Singer who starred in NBC’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ JOHNLEGEND
Smiley face in a text, perhaps EMOJI
Some Sharon Olds poems ODES
Spiritual master in Sikhism GURU
Story such as the Ramayana EPIC
Titus Underwood’s instrument OBOE
Toledo’s lake ERIE
TV type LCD
Type of apartment with a 34-Across DUPLEX
Up to now YET
Uttered SAID
W, on a map WEST
Wine Country valley NAPA