USA Today – Aug 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘As It ___’ (Harry Styles hit) WAS
‘I’ve learned my ___’ LESSON
‘Is this a ___?’ (‘I can’t tell if you’re joking’) BIT
‘my dms are open’ HMU
‘___ vs the Forces of Evil’ (Disney show) STAR
56-56 or 0-0 TIE
A baozi is one BUN
Animal with a mysterious reproductive process EEL
Appliance used to make tempura FRYER
Autumn FALL
Basketball star Jeremy LIN
Beat the ___ (stay cool) HEAT
Chicago airport OHARE
Circular ROUND
Collections with colorful bricks LEGOSETS
Coming up ARISING
Contains HAS
Country where Mount Everest is known as Sagarmatha NEPAL
Dance accompanied by an ipu HULA
Difficulty’s opposite EASE
Eggs in ikura don ROE
Either M in MLM MEN
Felt-tip or quill PEN
Female horse MARE
Flossing, brushing, etc DENTALCARE
Flower part STEM
Folk punk musician Spoon RAE
Freedom Riders’ transport BUS
Gradual film transitions FADES
Hard to find RARE
However, for short THO
Instruments played by mxmtoon, for short UKES
It clinks in a drink ICE
Keep an ___ mind OPEN
Kitchen backsplash piece TILE
Letters followed by ‘and sometimes Y’ AEIOU
Like a 45-degree angle ACUTE
Like some bodybuilders’ arms VEINY
Lively and active SPRY
Love, in Portuguese AMOR
Marathon or 5K RACE
Marinated Filipino dish ADOBO
Means to an ___ END
Milk foam designs LATTEART
Muscles worked by dips, for short TRIS
Nasty smells ODORS
Non-lead actor with a memorable performance SCENESTEALER
October birthstone OPAL
Opera solo ARIA
Outfits for galas GOWNS
Palindromic explosive TNT
Peculiar ODD
Pet doc VET
Pieces of feedback NOTES
Pieces of information DETAILS
Place for 23-Down SEA
Puts a label on TAGS
Refill from partially full TOPUP
Repeated guitar sequence RIFF
Scrap of cloth RAG
Seven-___ dip LAYER
Shops that might offer discount codes ONLINESTORES
Short loin beef cut TBONESTEAK
Slide down sand dunes SLED
Small unit of matter ATOM
Some contraceptives, for short IUDS
Sparty’s school, for short MSU
Spur-of-the-moment purchase IMPULSEBUY
Strong suit FORTE
Study of light OPTICS
Taken care of DONE
Taking feminizing hormones ONESTROGEN
Tear RIP
Written promise to pay IOU

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