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USA Today – Aug 17 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘All finished!’ DONE
‘As far as I can tell . . .’ ITSEEMS
‘Come on in’ ITSOPEN
‘So ___ me!’ SUE
‘They ___ Go When I Go’ (Stevie Wonder song) WONT
20-Down backward LOS
2019 film with a ‘metaphorical’ rock PARASITE
Brought to mind RECALLED
Caused to laugh AMUSED
Consecutively ONEND
Course in which contraception is covered, for short SEXED
Decompose ROT
Devices for making withdrawals ATMS
Devoured ATE
Do wrong SIN
Domesticated TAME
Evaluate RATE
Exciting romantic outing HOTDATE
Extinct bird DODO
Father’s nickname PAPA
Feng ___ SHUI
First name that can mean ‘prince’ AMIR
Gets ready to talk, on a conference call UNMUTES
Goose relative SWAN
Gorilla, for example APE
Guangzhou’s continent ASIA
Had debts OWED
How some sun-dried tomatoes are preserved INOIL
Huge in scale EPIC
In the thick of AMID
James Baldwin book whose title comes from ‘Mary Don’t You Weep’ THEFIRENEXTTIME
Last line of the Langston Hughes poem ‘Harlem’ ORDOESITEXPLODE
Lion’s home DEN
Loaned out LENT
Loch with a supposed monster NESS
Make it to REACH
Make things interesting, in a way RAISETHESTAKES
Many a first responder EMT
Melted cheese dish FONDUE
Nail polish option GEL
Not in its original form EDITED
Novelist Thomas ANGIE
One-up TOP
Part of a sought-after set COLLECTORSITEM
Particularly (Abbr.) ESP
Pelvic bone HIP
Place SITE
Plan part STEP
Portion out ALLOT
Practice like Claressa Shields SPAR
Prefix that means ‘Earth’ GEO
Prefix that rhymes with 39-Down NEO
Rae who co-founded the record label Raedio ISSA
Reward’s counterpart RISK
Seafaring distress letters SOS
Shrink back in fear COWER
Skilled speaker ORATOR
Slip-___ (shoes) ONS
Spanish for ‘sun’ SOL
Stealthy summons PSST
Stopped by VISITED
Supports a cause, perhaps DONATES
Taking-away process REMOVAL
That one and that one THOSE
Topping for fries CHILI
Veggies related to shallots LEEKS
Veto NIX
___ Aviv TEL
___-fi SCI
___-up energy PENT