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USA Today – Aug 17 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

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‘Just a moment!’ ONESEC
‘Quit dreaming!’ LETSBEREAL
‘Quit it!’ STOP
‘Roger that’ NOTED
‘That’s good enough’ ITLLDO
‘Through My Eyes’ autobiographer RUBYBRIDGES
‘Wow!’ GEE
‘___ my word for it’ TAKE
2019 award for Allysa Seely ESPY
A long time ___ AGO
Animal metaphor for a quiet person CLAM
Arab League dignitary EMIR
Beef or mutton REDMEAT
Bestie, e.g PAL
Birds on Australian coins EMUS
Color-changing additive DYE
Cooking vessel PAN
Copier brand RICOH
Coral ___ REEF
Dark-colored vineyard fruit BLACKGRAPE
Draped garment in ancient Rome TOGA
Employee discount, for example PERK
Eye gel amounts DABS
Fencing blade EPEE
Fishes sometimes steamed with douchi EELS
Foursome on a golf cart TIRES
Fourth month (Abbr.) APR
Gets the idea SEES
High self-___ ESTEEM
Hosp. area ICU
ID assigned to a new immigrant (Abbr.) SSN
Incapable UNABLE
Jiaozi recipe verb KNEAD
Large wasps HORNETS
Like fine balsamic vinegar AGED
Look over quickly SCAN
Make changes to AMEND
Male cat TOM
Metallic resource ORE
Most starfish have five ARMS
Movement that advocates against systemic weight bias FATACTIVISM
Navasana, e.g POSE
Neighborhood with an early 20th-century Renaissance HARLEM
Neither’s partner NOR
Nickname for Edward EDDIE
Pancakes sometimes filled with paneer DOSAS
Parrot or poodle PET
Perform in a musical SING
Place for a receptionist DESK
Place to hang a mirror WALL
Prefix akin to ‘ultra’ UBER
Reaction to a spider EEK
Refuse to admit DENY
Sandwich that often has mayo BLT
Says ‘Kimchi!’ SMILES
School with Baking and Pastry Arts degrees, for short CIA
Shaolin move KICK
Slightly ABIT
Small amounts TADS
Snatched GRABBED
Some jeans show them KNEES
Spinner in the wind VANE
Sultanate in the Arab League OMAN
Swimmer Torres DARA
Takes to task REBUKES
Totally enthralled RAPT
Try to find SEEK
Tuna, e.g FISH
U-turn from WSW ENE
Unexpected glitch SNAG
Used a stool SAT
Went by plane FLEW
___ beans LIMA
___ Lodge motels ECONO
___ out (barely gets) EKES
___ to (admits) COPS