USA Today – Aug 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘. . . or thereabouts’ ISH
‘Coming of ___ in Mississippi’ AGE
‘Sally’s Take on the USA Today Crossword’ is one BLOG
‘That’s false!’ NOTSO
‘The Body Is Not an Apology: The Power of ___ Self-Love’ RADICAL
‘___ me ask you this . . .’ LET
Abbreviation on a memo ATTN
Asks nosy questions PRIES
Back to causing trouble ATITAGAIN
Bird in a magic act DOVE
Birds that love golf courses GEESE
Book of maps ATLAS
Buddy since way back OLDPAL
Buenos ___, Argentina AIRES
Chairwomen, for example MADAMS
Clandestine SECRET
Coffee alternative CHAI
Conductor’s stick BATON
Crispy, cylindrical side dish SWEETPOTATOTOTS
Crystal ball gazer SEER
Divvy up ALLOT
End-of-Ramadan festival EID
Eye gel additive ALOE
First zodiac sign ARIES
Fish tank accessory NET
Go on a shopping ___ SPREE
Grain for porridge OAT
Grandiose story EPIC
Hawaiian name for wahoo ONO
Hawaiian porch LANAI
Home for a guinea pig CAGE
Home for a pig STY
Interlibrary transaction LOAN
Kelly who sang in ‘Sing’ TORI
Leaves stunned AWES
LGBTQ advocate Windsor EDIE
Lodging place INN
Lots and lots ATON
Made no bid PASSED
Magazine workers (Abbr.) EDS
Major water line MAIN
Make noise while napping SNORE
Minuscule TEENY
Mortar and ___ PESTLE
Naked Wax Bar in Baton Rouge, for example SPA
Online addresses URLS
Opposed to ANTI
Orbiter with a tail COMET
Out of the way ASIDE
Out of ___ (not harmonized) SYNC
Paintings and such ART
Person with a password USER
Pester nonstop NAG
Provocative EDGY
Putdown similar to ‘Cool story, bro’ NOONECARES
Reacts to a scare SCREAMS
Religious title held by Amy Perlin RABBI
Reprimanding syllable TSK
Revered figures IDOLS
Rugby ball stand TEE
Search for SEEK
Spring Festival ___ EVE
Start of an encouraging phrase ATTA
Stench ODOR
Striped barbershop fixture POLE
Tekkamaki fish TUNA
That, in Spanish ESO
Think out loud MUSE
Topknot, for one UPDO
Whispered summons PSST
Wild dog in the Dreamtime DINGO
Yaki ___ (noodle dish) UDON
___ away (drew back) SHIED
___ buco OSSO

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