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USA Today – Aug 18 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Bye-bye!’ TATA
‘Happy little’ thing in a Bob Ross painting TREE
‘Heads ___, tails you lose’ IWIN
‘How ya doin’?’ SUP
‘I’m Like a Bird’ singer Furtado NELLY
‘Let’s Have a Kiki’ band SCISSORSISTERS
‘Nothing But a Man’ star Dixon IVAN
‘Parasite’ star ___ Kang-ho SONG
‘Purple ___’ (Prince album) RAIN
‘The Fosters’ star Polo TERI
Absorb like a sponge SOPUP
Apple desktop IMAC
Brainy SMART
Breastfeeding parents, often MOMS
Broadway star Platt BEN
Cherry discard STEM
Chiang Mai resident THAI
Control a commodity, in finance CORNERTHEMARKET
Cry of pain YEOW
Dealership buys AUTOS
Did karaoke SANG
Diluted THIN
Do something ACT
Dorothy’s pupper TOTO
Flawed protagonist ANTIHERO
French bottled water brand EVIAN
Go off script ADLIB
Granny ___ apple SMITH
Great deal STEAL
H.S. tests SATS
Lake near Carson City TAHOE
Late time, in ads NITE
Leisurely gait LOPE
Map dot TOWN
Mathematical proportion RATIO
Memorial in a newspaper, for short OBIT
Motorist’s invitation HOPIN
Moviemaking location SET
Night sky twinkler STAR
Not feral TAME
On edge ANTSY
Once more ANEW
Pairs TWOS
Perishable necklace LEI
Pig’s pen STY
Precipitation in flakes SNOW
Prize for Malala Yousafzai NOBEL
Purple smoothie ingredient ACAI
Put up for auction SELL
Rebounding sound ECHO
Rhyme and synonym of ‘obtain’ GAIN
Rhyme and synonym of ‘whirl’ SWIRL
Shenanigan ANTIC
Signals intelligence org NSA
Silently agree NOD
Sneezy sound ACHOO
Some 8-Down takers (Abbr.) SRS
Spanish for ‘other’ OTRO
Sriracha, for one HOTSAUCE
State north of Tex OKLA
State where the Jazz play UTAH
Stooge with a bowl cut MOE
Stop what you’re doing DROPEVERYTHING
Studio with a lion mascot MGM
Surname that sounds like a bird CROWE
Sydney’s continent (Abbr.) AUS
Telling fibs LYING
The ‘A’ in T.A. (Abbr.) ASST
The term ‘galaxy brain’ originated from one MEME
Things stuck in a cushion PINS
Throw lightly TOSS
Toast option RYE
Tragic Shakespearean teen ROMEO
Vessels for dyeing VATS
Without stopping ONEND
Yuletide plant HOLLY
___ your purse (pay up) OPEN
___/her pronouns SHE