USA Today – Aug 18 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘And . . .’ ALSO
‘Good ___!’ (‘Jeez!’) GRIEF
‘Good ___!’ (‘Nice thinking!’) IDEA
‘I feel ___!’ (‘You get me!’) SEEN
‘Sun Goes Down’ singer Lil ___ X NAS
‘Ugh!’ ICK
Adhesive for a poster TAPE
Artist Gomes SONIA
Assessment in school TEST
Big brass instrument TUBA
Birthday indulgence CAKE
Break things off ENDIT
Cards above kings, in poker ACES
Carries around TOTES
Cat’s feet PAWS
Character also known as Ms. Marvel KAMALAKHAN
Cried WEPT
Didn’t stay LEFT
Division of geologic time EON
Document checked at the grocery store LIST
Dollar bills ONES
Don’t discard KEEP
Doughnut chain KRISPYKREME
Drill or wrench TOOL
Election Day surveys EXITPOLLS
Festival celebrated during Kartika DIWALI
Fiber made by worms SILK
First-aid ___ KIT
For old times’ ___ SAKE
Friend PAL
From the capital of Italy ROMAN
Garment from the Sanskrit for ‘strip of cloth’ SARI
Genre with social critiques SATIRE
Get exhausted TIRE
Getting misty-eyed TEARINGUP
Go with something less than the best SETTLE
Illegally obtained STOLEN
Inquires ASKS
Island nation in the Mediterranean MALTA
Large sports venues ARENAS
Main character in ‘Roots’ KUNTAKINTE
Metal fastener for paper STAPLE
Monstrous creature BEAST
Name hidden in ‘televangelism’ EVAN
National Youth Poet Laureate Gorman AMANDA
Nickname for a dad POP
Not get captured by ELUDE
Number of sides of a hexagon SIX
Number rhymed with ‘buckle my shoe’ TWO
Numerical factoid STAT
Obeys a red light STOPS
Pants shade KHAKI
Pepsi alternative COKE
Polite term of address SIR
Push’s counterpart PULL
Puts into categories SORTS
Really desire CRAVE
RSVP option YES
Santa Claus, by another name KRISKRINGLE
She-sheep EWE
Siete mas uno OCHO
Simple card game WAR
Single-___ (disposable) USE
Slowly leak SEEP
Smallest amount LEAST
Spy org. in ‘The Americans’ KGB
Suffered from soreness ACHED
Summing sign PLUS
Take in or let out, for example ALTER
Takes a meal DINES
Tantalizing smell AROMA
Tell a fib LIE
Temporarily stopped PAUSED
Took a meal ATE
Up to the task ABLE
Vegetable related to garlic LEEK
Wing-to-wing measurement SPAN
___ metal recycling SCRAP

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