USA Today – Aug 18 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘All kidding ___ . . .’ ASIDE
‘And so on . . .’ (Abbr.) ETC
‘Cleanup on ___ five!’ AISLE
‘Feel like giving it a go?’ WANTTOTRY
‘Give me some catnip!’ MEOW
‘Hands off, bucko!’ LETMEGO
‘Hattie Harmony: ___ Detective’ (kids’ book by Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett) WORRY
‘I’m in ___ of you’ AWE
‘Indiana Jones’ genre ACTIONADVENTURE
‘Let this piece of paper mark my debt’ note IOU
‘Little Miss Sunshine’ actress Abigail BRESLIN
‘Meh, that’s not happening today’ ILLDOITTOMORROW
‘Messenger’ molecule RNA
‘Queer the Census’ ad, e.g PSA
‘Schitt’s Creek’ actor Levy DAN
‘There’s that sound!’ IHEARIT
‘They made us do it!’ WEHADTO
‘Truth or ___?’ DARE
‘Well, look at that!’ OHO
A horse’s might be braided MANE
Alternative name for rooibos REDTEA
Apple tablet IPAD
Author Gerritsen TESS
Blinking body parts EYES
Bombards with snowballs PELTS
Bossa ___ (music genre) NOVA
Bugs and Beetles on the road VWS
Cain’s brother ABEL
Computes 2 2, say ADDS
Device to withdraw cash from ATM
Elevates LIFTS
Eyelid afflictions STYES
Feedbag morsels OATS
Field trip vehicle BUS
Fig ___ (fruity cookies) NEWTONS
Final authority SAYSO
General feeling VIBE
Gets older AGES
Host city for the 2022 FIFA World Cup DOHA
Kiss, on the streets of London SNOG
Like a serious talking-to STERN
List heading TODO
Lose it BUGOUT
Magnum ___ OPUS
Makes less wet DRIES
Makes simpler EASES
Misfortunes WOES
Needs to pay OWES
Org. for lawyers ABA
Piece of neckwear TIE
Poems of praise ODES
Prefix meaning ‘one’ UNI
Puff of a joint TOKE
Ransack, like the fridge RAID
Reddish-purple color MAGENTA
Reusable bag TOTE
Rhyme and synonym for ‘fit’ SNIT
Role-playing video game franchise FINALFANTASY
Some undergrad degrees BAS
Sound-off button MUTE
Southeast Asian language LAO
Spiritual concept of cause and effect KARMA
Take to court SUE
Tax org IRS
Teensy WEE
Tells a fib LIES
Temporary free sample TRIALOFFER
Thor and Loki, to Odin SONS
Toy on a string YOYO
Trimmed parts of flowers STEMS
What the ‘)’ in 🙂 represents SMILE
Wonder Girl or Superboy, e.g TITAN
Woven floor covering BRAIDEDRUG
___ Plaines, IL DES

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