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USA Today – Aug 19 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Bossypants’ author Fey TINA
‘Don’t get mad, get ___’ EVEN
‘Queen Sugar’ creator DuVernay AVA
‘Resume speed,’ on a score ATEMPO
‘Topaz’ novelist Leon URIS
100 cents, abroad EURO
30-Across passenger ALIEN
A 40-Down signatory USA
Abacus user ADDER
Annual hoops event, for short NIT
Bicycle spokes, essentially RADII
Branding tool IRON
Brown with the country hit ‘Toes’ ZAC
Budget-friendly noodles RAMEN
Capital near Callao LIMA
Club-selection factor LIE
Concierge’s boss HOTELMANAGER
Dagwood’s nap spot SOFA
Do in, as a vampire SLAY
Drink that may be ladled NOG
Drink with foam art, perhaps LATTE
DuPont acrylic fiber ORLON
Eerie sighting, for short UFO
Emit, as a sigh HEAVE
Explosive in Road Runner cartoons TNT
Eye or ear ORGAN
Fat eschewer of rhyme SPRAT
Figure less than gross, usually NET
Gas pump figure OCTANE
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Hart’s mate HIND
Huskies’ school, briefly UCONN
In a big way ALOT
Incisor or cuspid TOOTH
Jesse of 1936 Olympics fame OWENS
Landfill emanation ODOR
Languish in prison, slangily ROT
Like a bialy’s taste ONIONY
Like a haunted house SCARY
Many a city dwelling, for short CONDO
Many a Shankar tune RAGA
Marching to the beat INSTEP
Maurice Ravel classic BOLERO
Office errand runner GOFER
One-on-one gym instructor PERSONALTRAINER
Out-and-out UTTER
Part of a ring perimeter ROPE
Pay for a hand ANTE
Periodical with a URL EZINE
Photoshop command CROP
Place to hibernate LAIR
Plaque or ribbon AWARD
Play for a patsy USE
Point on a spork TINE
Psychic’s vision, supposedly AURA
Quite a bit, to bards OFT
Really small TEENY
Rice paddy beasts OXEN
Ride-seeker’s cry TAXI
Sales reps’ goals ORDERS
Seaweed-wrapped fare SUSHI
Slowly, on a score LENTO
Street hockey interrupter CAR
Stromboli outflow LAVA
Studio dweller, e.g TENANT
Swahili’s language group BANTU
Take another shot at RETRY
Teacher of accents to actors DIALECTCOACH
To this point ASYET
Treaty called a ‘disaster’ by Trump NAFTA
Turn to confetti SHRED
Type in all caps, in texts SHOUT
Ugli or kumquat CITRUS
Unfinished room, often ATTIC
Via Veneto autos FIATS
Victor at Vicksburg GRANT
Word after prime or fixed RATE
___-right (fringe hate groups) ALT