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USA Today – Aug 19 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘. . . sorta’ ISH
‘Clumsy me!’ OOPS
‘Got it’ ISEE
‘I’m gonna pass’ NAH
‘Yeah, right!’ ASIF
‘___ the least I can do’ ITS
‘___ you ready to order?’ ARE
Actress Falana LOLA
Adjective for a sharp contrast STARK
America’s national birds BALDEAGLES
Audacious DARING
Avoid deliberately SHUN
Bar in a hotel room SOAP
Beat-keeping instrument DRUM
Bunch of yaks HERD
City south of Scottsdale TEMPE
Cold snack on a stick ICEPOP
Compete on snow SKI
Crawler at a picnic ANT
Currency in Cannes EURO
Devoted fan STAN
Diner handout MENU
Discreet attention-getter PSST
Do some magic CASTASPELL
Dull in color DRAB
Exasperates IRKS
Fast feline PUMA
Fruit used to make saladitos PLUM
Gear tooth COG
Get up RISE
Hard-___ (uncompromising) NOSED
Helped out AIDED
Hoity-toity types SNOBS
Hypes up TOUTS
Ibuprofen brand name ADVIL
Inbox pileup EMAIL
Kicks out of an apartment EVICTS
Landmass that sounds like part of a supermarket ISLE
Large-scale story EPIC
Little kids TYKES
Longoria who played Dora the Explorer’s mom EVA
Maximum, e.g LIMIT
Morning TV host Kelly RIPA
Nueve – siete DOS
Obligation ONUS
On an even ___ (balanced) KEEL
Organized crime group MAFIA
Pizzeria allure AROMA
Queen of Arendelle ELSA
Quite often ALOT
Radiates EMITS
Ready for business OPEN
Rebuke following an unkind remark BENICE
Register drawers TILLS
Request ASK
Road surfacing goop TAR
Round, no-bake cookie treats OREOBALLS
Short scissor cut SNIP
Shows sorrow SHEDSATEAR
Sound from a hoof CLOP
Splinter’s species, in ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ RAT
Still unresolved UPINTHEAIR
Still with us ALIVE
Stovetop whistler TEAKETTLE
Streamlined SLEEK
Sweatshirt part SLEEVE
Sweetie pie BABE
Take for one’s own use COOPT
To no ___ (fruitlessly) AVAIL
Unfocused picture BLUR
Versions to be debugged BETAS
Vision-related OPTIC
Wait for everyone else GOLAST
Window sealant PUTTY
Winds down ENDS
___ News (paper published in Riyadh) ARAB
___ sticks (imitation seafood) CRAB