USA Today – Aug 19 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘. . . ish’ ORSO
‘I should have ___ that coming’ SEEN
‘I was somewhere else’ excuse ALIBI
‘If I ___ a Boy’ WERE
‘Jane Eyre’ author Charlotte BRONTE
‘Make Me ___’ (Janelle Monae song) FEEL
‘No thanks, all set’ IMGOOD
‘Nope’ NAH
‘Reading Rainbow’ channel PBS
‘Reading Rainbow’ host Burton LEVAR
‘To Be Young, Gifted and Black’ singer NINASIMONE
‘Toy Story’ shepherd BOPEEP
‘What are you ___?!’ DOING
‘What’s up with ___?’ THAT
Back in style RETRO
Bar window fixture NEONLIGHT
Basketball star Cambage LIZ
Bearlike marsupial KOALA
Black-and-white bear PANDA
BLT ingredient BACON
Body part with a patella KNEE
Brain specialist NEUROLOGIST
Buddy PAL
Carnival attractions RIDES
Cash alternative CARD
Catchy song BOP
Chicago airport OHARE
Compelling, like an argument PERSUASIVE
Currently unstoppable ONFIRE
Currently winning AHEAD
Decorate ADORN
Diana Taurasi hairstyle BUN
Document of ownership DEED
Drill insert BIT
Earth-related prefix GEO
Email folder SENT
Embroidery craft NEEDLEPOINT
Excitedly recited the digits of pi, for example NERDEDOUT
Go out with a ___ BANG
Hockey stat (Abbr.) PTS
Item used for pullups BAR
Kanga’s baby ROO
Kitchen appliance FRIDGE
Language-learning app DUOLINGO
Like food with a little kick ZESTY
Like one or three ODD
Like two or four EVEN
Long lock TRESS
Love, in Portuguese AMOR
Make void ANNUL
Microscope insert SLIDE
Misplace LOSE
Newspaper VIPs (Abbr.) EDS
Notes from a debtor IOUS
Number range on a board game box AGES
Osiris and Anubis, for example GODS
Out-of-focus image BLUR
Played the trumpet BLEW
Results of brainstorms IDEAS
Run out of electricity DIE
Running behind schedule LATE
Salsa ingredient ONION
Scallion relatives LEEKS
Sci-fi book set on a desert planet DUNE
Scissor Sisters singer ___ Matronic ANA
Seed in a tournament RANK
Shut down END
Stay away from AVOID
Tribute that may rhyme ODE
Turned a ticket into a stub TORE
Untidiness MESS
Utter falsehood TOTALLIE
Vinaigrette ingredient OIL
Volcano output ASH
Website for selling handmade goods ETSY
Window parts PANES
___ around (snooped) NOSED

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