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USA Today – Aug 2 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

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‘Catch ya later!’ IMGONE
‘I don’t mind!’ NOBOTHER
‘Me day’ destination SPA
‘My treat!’ ONME
‘Right on, pastor!’ AMEN
‘Thus . . .’ ERGO
‘We couldn’t have done this without everyone’s help!’ ITTAKESAVILLAGE
‘What a pity!’ SOSAD
‘Without further ___ . . .’ ADO
Actress Witherspoon REESE
Bay Area airport code SFO
Belt out a chorus, for example SING
Big piece of timber LOG
Branch of Islam SHIA
Combine MERGE
Comedian Glazer ILANA
Convert cryptographically ENCODE
Covered with asphalt PAVED
Doing something enthusiastically GOINGTOTOWN
Dollar bills ONES
Drink slowly SIP
Enjoyed an arepa, say ATE
Give temporarily LEND
Handles tough times COPES
HBO show discussed on the podcast ‘Couldn’t Help but Wonder’ SEXANDTHECITY
Head to the lake, maybe GOFISHING
Helo Pinheiro, aka ‘The Girl From ___’ IPANEMA
Hideout LAIR
Holy person SAINT
Includes on an email thread CCS
Intelligence org NSA
Japanese noodle SOBA
Jjigae ingredient KIMCHI
Landmass in an archipelago ISLE
Like two peas in a ___ POD
Look around in a store BROWSE
Makes a mistake GOOFS
Nail polish brand OPI
Nation south of Libya CHAD
Not digital ANALOG
Not on time for LATETO
One of two for some children DAD
One of two in a basic telescope LENS
Online marketplace with a Craft Supplies section ETSY
Outer edge RIM
Pedicures treat them FEET
Pig’s place STY
Portland’s state (Abbr.) ORE
Quick meetings, in corporate lingo SYNCS
Radiography scan XRAY
Respectful address in India SRI
Response to a funny meme LOL
Seed in some puddings CHIA
Sesenta minutos HORA
Spanish for ‘cat’ GATO
Steakhouse order TBONE
Subways METROS
Summit TOP
SWV or 702 TRIO
The album ‘Taylor Swift,’ for Taylor Swift DEBUT
They can be taken between high school and college GAPYEARS
Train by trading blows SPAR
Unsettling EERIE
Upper echelon of Hollywood ALIST
Yoga surfaces MATS
You can use one to share your internet connection HOTSPOT
___ Martens (boots) DOC
___ opposites POLAR
___ pole (Indigenous carving) TOTEM
___ rally PEP
___ the hatchet (making peace) BURYING
___/they pronouns SHE