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USA Today – Aug 20 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Ain’t happening!’ ASIF
‘Beetlejuice’ director Burton TIM
‘Dear Abby’ is one DAILYCOLUMN
‘It just clicked!’ AHA
‘It’s ___ real!’ BEEN
‘Pinball Wizard’ rock opera TOMMY
9-to-5er’s wk. starter, usually MON
Abu Dhabi dignitary EMIR
Be a nitpicker CARP
Benjamin Franklin’s belief DEISM
Bespectacled Simpson ABE
Bicycle for two TANDEM
Big name in etiquette EMILYPOST
Bill-backing votes YEAS
Card needed for a blackjack ACE
Cunning sort SLYBOOTS
Did a dumb thing ERRED
Dolphins uniform hue AQUA
Esteemed status PRESTIGE
Express aloud UTTER
Feels contrite REPENTS
Fern’s beginning SPORE
Feudal lord, or his subject LIEGE
Framed work ART
Grab with a toothpick STAB
Group of angry hornets SWARM
Hang in a hammock REST
Heed an evacuation order FLEE
Herb in salmon recipes DILL
Hole maker’s insert DRILLBIT
Incite to action EGGON
Inning half TOP
Jazz combo instrument SAX
Kudrow of ‘The Boss Baby’ LISA
La ___ Tar Pits BREA
Latvia’s largest city RIGA
Light in a light show LASERBEAM
Like a drudge’s labor MENIAL
Like a polished floor WAXY
Live up to, as a treaty ABIDEBY
Many PX patrons GIS
Marshal’s concern LAW
McDonald’s side FRIES
Melville’s whaler AHAB
Month for pranks APRIL
Movie trailer follower FEATURE
Netflix logo color RED
No later than, briefly TIL
Noise from the stomach RUMBLING
Pogo stick parts SPRINGS
Pole vaulter’s obstacle BAR
Porridge morsel OAT
Put the kibosh on ENDED
Rapidly, to bards APACE
Reacted to a lullaby SLEPT
Reddening cosmetic ROUGE
Resentful feeling PIQUE
Rideable pool floats RAFTS
SALT weapon ICBM
Shipping unit TON
Sit astride of STRADDLE
Size 36C garment, perhaps BRA
Sparkly earlobe adornment DIAMONDSTUD
Spout off RANT
Story of the Corleones, e.g SAGA
Texter’s ‘seems to me . . .’ IMO
Those folks THEY
Title for Edmund Hillary SIR
Toon caveman Alley ___ OOP
Villain’s hideout LAIR
Walesa of Poland LECH
Wasn’t joking about MEANT
Weather map line FRONT
Weather-tracking device RADAR
Wheaton of ‘Stand By Me’ WIL
Word after jelly or navy BEAN
Work on, as an antique RESTORE
Yankees or Mets BALLTEAM