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USA Today – Aug 20 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Four Women’ singer Simone NINA
‘Gosh darn it!’ DRAT
‘Holy’ object of pursuit GRAIL
‘Make Me Feel’ singer Janelle MONAE
‘Not so loud!’ SHH
‘___ Miserables’ LES
Acclaims HAILS
Actress Cannon DYAN
Athletic award MVP
Attend GOTO
Attention-grabbing sound PSST, AHEM
Batteries for remotes, often AAS
Blue-green shade AQUA
Brunch offering EGGS
Brunch offerings HASHES
Bump that rhymes with the body part where it forms STYE
Chat, informally CONFAB
Chloe x ___ HALLE
Christmas trio WISEMEN
Congress member (Abbr.) SEN
Congress members (Abbr.) REPS
Cool RAD
Debut album for Etta James ATLAST
Decorative wheel cover HUBCAP
Elevate RAISE
Equivalent of Mrs SRA
Establishment with a keeper INN
Even a little ATALL
Explosive letters TNT
Extract metal from, in a way SMELT
Front-facing camera photo SELFIE
Give a rundown of RECAP
Gives a wave, e.g SAYSHI
Goal AIM
Grand EPIC
Green apple variety GRANNYSMITH
Had a meal ATE
Hand holder ARM
Hayek who portrayed Frida Kahlo SALMA
Informs TELLS
Insect with a queen ANT
It may be 20-sided DIE
It may be chocolate or yellow LAB
It’s read as a reprimand RIOTACT
Lawn machines MOWERS
Lean and strong WIRY
Letters before :// HTTP
Low-pressure wake behind a moving object SLIPSTREAM
Monetary obligations DEBTS
More scrumptious YUMMIER
Nurses’ wardrobe staples SCRUBS
Olympic host country for 2006 and 2026 ITALY
Organ with an anvil EAR
Outer edges RIMS
Palindromic family member SIS
Palindromic family member DAD
Partner of pimienta SAL
Picket fence component SLAT
Pulitzer-winning poet Armantrout RAE
Put back into packaging, perhaps REWRAP
Reluctant to give details COY
Showy aerial maneuver BARRELROLL
Single-celled organism AMOEBA
Slightly ABIT
Some people eat three a day SQUAREMEALS
Spiritual leader in Tibetan Buddhism DALAILAMA
Suffix for an estimate ISH
Super ___ (very spicy peppers) HOTS
Takes more than one’s share of HOGS
Tearfully whine SNIVEL
Tolerate STOMACH
Troubles WOES
Two-toned ice cream order SWIRL
Unfinished business LOOSEENDS
___ over (studied intensely) PORED