USA Today – Aug 21 2018

Clues Answers
‘A ___ coincidence!’ MERE
‘Back up’ PC command UNDO
‘We’re toast!’ UHOH
‘You wish!’ ASIF
‘___ does it!’ THAT
Abrasive on a board EMERY
Add to the staff HIRE
Arrests, slangily BUSTS
Assembly manual starter STEPONE
Blackens, as ribs CHARS
Bog yield PEAT
Brady of the Patriots TOM
Calorie-laden, like some desserts RICH
Caribbean meat dish STEWEDLAMB
Command to a cannoneer FIRE
Commencement-ending ritual CAPTOSS
Croats’ neighbors SERBIANS
Detective’s clue LEAD
Dive like a U-boat SUBMERGE
Divvy up ALLOT
Drink in one gulp CHUG
Dust specks in sunbeams MOTES
Election day write-in, usually WASTEDVOTE
Elsa’s sister in ‘Frozen’ ANNA
Fabric for casual pants CHINO
Fictional Kansan canine TOTO
Followed like a P.I SHADOWED
Football inflator PUMP
Former mayor Giuliani RUDY
Full of attitude SASSY
Gadgets with playlists IPODS
Gave the thumbs-down SAIDNO
Greenhouse buy POTTEDPLANT
Harte who wrote of Poker Flat BRET
Haul to the shop TOW
Have a hunch FEEL
Hothead’s emotion IRE
Hypnotist’s command SLEEP
Itinerary word VIA
Kent State’s state OHIO
Lager alternative ALE
Land liberated by San Martin PERU
Lap dog, briefly POM
Like ‘101’ courses BASIC
Like many presentations ORAL
Like the Clampetts, at first POOR
Marge, to Bart MOTHER
New Haven Ivy Leaguers ELIS
Oenophile’s interest WINE
Old enough to vote, say OFAGE
Pale purple shade MAUVE
Parasitic arachnid MITE
Place for a keystone ARCH
Place for a PC, perhaps DESK
Plan for the frugal TIGHTBUDGET
Prefix with violet ULTRA
Quilt filling EIDER
Radio advertiser’s purchase AIRTIME
Reason to use Clearasil ACNE
Reference named for a Titan ATLAS
Remove the stubble SHAVE
Rock genre for Yes PROG
Running total TALLY
Spheres, to bards ORBS
Stand up to DEFY
Stopover with a keeper INN
Stubborn stain INK
Taiwanese PC giant ACER
Take the blue ribbon WIN
Talk via keyboard, say CHAT
Ten Benjamins THOU
The Gaels of college sports IONA
Tongue-lashings TIRADES
Unable to sit still ANTSY
Variety show lineup ACTS
Vein yield ORE
Was fond of CAREDFOR
Went ‘ptui’ SPAT

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