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USA Today – Aug 21 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Any ___?’ (‘Who’s in?’) TAKERS
‘Beyond the Gender Binary’ author Vaid-Menon ALOK
‘It’s too bad,’ old-style ALAS
‘Respect’ singer Franklin ARETHA
‘Respect’ singer Redding OTIS
‘Uh-huh’ YEAH
‘___ the thing . . .’ HERES
Action after ‘copy’ PASTE
Autographed SIGNED
Big, strong bags SACKS
Body part that supports the head NECK
Body parts with nostrils NOSES
Brings back to 100% battery RECHARGES
Casino game with a wheel ROULETTE
Children KIDS
Competitive advantage EDGE
Compress into a ball WADUP
Country where Nuu-chah-nulth is spoken CANADA
Court sport TENNIS
Cumin, for example SPICE
Debate against, perhaps SPARWITH
Doing a small wedding ELOPING
Drive-___ (parts of fast-food places) THRUS
El ___, Texas PASO
Embarrassed ASHAMED
Eyelid hair LASH
Fashion initials YSL
Food that’s a month spelled backward YAM
Geometry measurement AREA
Get acquainted MEET
Go against OPPOSE
Greeting derived from Sanskrit NAMASTE
Hairy bovine YAK
Have yet to pay OWE
He/him/___ HIS
In addition TOO
Italy’s capital ROME
Knowles, for Beyonce SURNAME
Large unit of weight TON
List to order from MENU
Looking closely PEERING
Nautical distress call SOS
Paid for a poker hand ANTED
Perspired SWEATED
Pioneering nurse Seacole MARY
Plain of grassy land PRAIRIE
Rise from bed GETUP
Rodeo rope LASSO
Room at the top of a house ATTIC
Secret agent SPY
Sesame bit SEED
Shipped SENT
Sing Christmas songs CAROL
Size of a studio apartment ONEROOM
Software customer USER
Something a very busy person doesn’t have a lot of SPARETIME
Something given by an instructor LESSON
Sounds from baby birds PEEPS
Structure in a church ALTAR
Struggle for many drivers PARALLELPARKING
Substances next to sinks SOAPS
Tehran’s country IRAN
Ten-cent coin DIME
The Grand Canyon State, on scoreboards ARI
The ___ P. Johnson Institute MARSHA
The ___ Stone (Egyptian artifact held in the British Museum) ROSETTA
They’re often combined with pedis MANIS
Unaccompanied ALONE
Venue that’s 26-Down with a letter added ARENA
Website with shops ETSY
What ‘u’ is often short for YOU
___ Z GEN