USA Today – Aug 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Bear’ that sleeps a lot KOALA
‘Bye for now!’ TATA
‘Fire’ or ‘milky’ gem OPAL
‘Honey’ star Jessica ALBA
‘I think that ___ well’ WENT
‘Rat in the Kitchen’ channel TBS
‘We ___ to talk’ NEED
‘___ this helps!’ HOPE
A defendant might have one ALIBI
Advanced degree for a gallery director MFA
Art ___ (retro design style) DECO
Athlete aspiring to make the Summer or Winter Games OLYMPICHOPEFUL
Barbershop sound SNIP
Battle of the ___ (music competition) BANDS
Bonfire waste ASH
Buffalo hockey player SABRE
Cargo shorts pattern CAMO
Central street MAIN
Cherry Muhanji novel hidden in this clue HER
Closes SHUTS
Country that celebrates Dashain NEPAL
Didn’t hang around LEFT
Disdainful look SNEER
Drag queen Velour SASHA
Duolingo and Babbel, for example APPS
Element in steel IRON
Feels yesterday’s HIIT workout ACHES
Fries or rice SIDE
Fuel for a motor scooter GAS
Garlands celebrated on May 1 LEI
Gets educated LEARNS
Guac and queso, for example DIPS
Hang around STAY
Hawaiian fish dish POKE
High-end camera type SLR
Hog’s hangout STY
House made of compressed snow IGLOO
Jujube, aka red ___ DATE
Knee part ACL
Legal wrong TORT
Like 8 but not 21 EVEN
Like a chestnut shell HARD
Loch monster’s nickname NESSIE
Long-lived reptiles TORTOISES
Mailed out SENT
Major clay court tennis tournament FRENCHOPEN
Mall dining areas FOODCOURTS
Merman’s home OCEAN
Not get renewed LAPSE
Not qualified UNFIT
Not working today OFF
People born on Aug. 8, signwise LEOS
Plumbing piece PIPE
Push roughly SHOVE
Sign into law ENACT
Solo for Sumi Jo ARIA
Soup served with oyster crackers CHOWDER
Supine’s opposite PRONE
Swedish conglomerate IKEA
Tenant’s payment RENT
Tend to tteokguk STIR
Ticked off MAD
Tighten up a draft EDIT
Total disaster DEBACLE
Trees with a Chinese species ELMS
Turn inedible ROT
UV-blocking letters SPF
Walkway between shelves AISLE
Weld together FUSE
Well-behaved kids ANGELS
What a star gets on a movie poster TOPBILLING
Wide-legged garments GAUCHOPANTS
Woodchip storage building SILO
Word before ‘bar’ or ‘drink’ ENERGY
___ and every EACH
___ la la TRA
___ wallah (tea vendor) CHAI

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