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USA Today – Aug 22 2018

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Clues Answers
$200 Monopoly property READINGRAILROAD
‘Iron Mike’ of the ring TYSON
‘That’s a shame!’ OHMY
‘Tomorrow’ musical ANNIE
‘You’re wrong!’ IDISAGREE
‘___ we forget . . .’ LEST
1971 song about Kent State OHIO
A pal of Pooh OWL
Ad business award CLIO
Allure publisher Conde ___ NAST
Amazon’s business ETAIL
Austrian ski area TYROL
Bullets, bombs et al AMMO
Chanteuse’s offering SONG
Cheese in spinach pie FETA
Choose, with ‘for’ OPT
Cricketers’ gear BATS
D.C. ball team, briefly NATS
Day spa treatment PEEL
Decorative fabric TOILE
Detroit River’s outlet ERIE
Dissenter’s vote NAY
Diva’s delivery ARIA
Fran Drescher role NANNY
French city, in a Porter tune PAREE
G-rated movie’s lack SEX
Gel-yielding plant ALOE
Get ready, as for surgery PREP
Giant-screen format IMAX
God with a quiver EROS
High rollers’ city RENO
Historian’s field PAST
Hit dance tune of the early ’60s PEPPERMINTTWIST
Holiday party figure, perhaps SANTA
Housefly’s undoing SWAT
Improvise like Ella SCAT
In finer fettle HALER
Junior-to-be, briefly SOPH
Keister RUMP
Kicked around, with ‘with’ TOYED
Kings’ domains REALMS
Knock the socks off AWE
Major Kansas crop WHEAT
Makes hopping mad RILES
Meets, as a bet SEES
National Security Advisor John BOLTON
Off-color, as language SALTY
One bench press, say REP
Ones making busts NARCS
Parts of psyches EGOS
Person or thing ENTITY
Place for canned goods PANTRY
Play-of-color birthstones OPALS
Pounds an IBM Selectric TYPES
Reality show featuring hagglers PAWNSTARS
River to the Rhone SAONE
Sac fly stat RBI
Sampras with five U.S. Open wins PETE
Scottish name prefix MAC
Scratch golfers often shoot it PAR
Seance noises RAPS
Sequence of symbols, in computers CHARACTERSTRING
Service beverage TEA
Sighter of pink elephants SOT
Sound of censorship BLEEP
Sporty auto, for short ALFA
Stage structures SETS
Subtle quality AURA
Tabloids pair ITEM
Timothy Leary’s drug LSD
Toss in ADD
Video feed annoyance LAG
Von Bismarck of Prussia OTTO
Was shown on TV AIRED
Wild West band POSSE
With plenty to spare AMPLY
___ a soul (no one) NARY