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USA Today – Aug 22 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Fingers crossed you’re right’ LETSHOPE
‘Frozen II’ snowman OLAF
‘Gotta run!’ TIMETOGO
‘I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, I am four ___’ (misquoted lyric) EELS
‘Probably the reason all these boys got crushes,’ in a Lil Mama hit LIPGLOSS
‘Put a sock ___!’ INIT
‘Unsure about that’ IDUNNO
‘Viva la Vida, Watermelons’ painter Kahlo FRIDA
‘What ___ is new?’ ELSE
‘Yes, cap’n!’ AYE
29-Down spokeslizard GECKO
All knotted up TANGLED
Answers ‘airs’ for this clue, say ERRS
Author Greenlee SAM
Beeper PAGER
Body part protected by a lid EYE
Broadcast AIR
Cantaloupe or honeydew MELON
Changes to manuscripts EDITS
Coffee vessel URN
Cold War country USSR
Colorful rock AGATE
Comedian Butcher RHEA
Doing something mindlessly ONAUTO
Emulated Viola Davis ACTED
Failed to mention OMITTED
Family favoritism NEPOTISM
Fantasy creature ELF
Fourth-year students (Abbr.) SRS
Gymnast Mary Lou RETTON
Instance of passing popularity FAD
Internet survey ONLINEPOLL
Japanese wrestling SUMO
Knight’s ride STEED
Lies out in the sun, perhaps TANS
Made level EVENED
Meter or mile, e.g UNIT
Nevada city RENO
Not just some ALOT
Nourished FED
Novel whose title character is the missing Amy Dunne GONEGIRL
Nurture’s counterpart NATURE
Operated a motor vehicle DROVE
Place to pitch a tent CAMPSITE
Praise LAUD
Pub pours ALES
Ready to pluck and eat RIPE
Reduce, ___, recycle REUSE
River, in Spanish RIO
Robotics Engineer Barbie, e.g DOLL
Roth ___ (investment option) IRA
Runs away FLEES
Sales agent, for short REP
Section after the last chapter EPILOGUE
Sense of style TASTE
Singer-songwriter India.___ ARIE
Slight mistake LAPSE, SLIP
Sneakers with cats on them PUMAS
Some email attachments PDFS
Sparkly Christmas tree decoration TINSEL
State Farm competitor GEICO
Strong tree OAK
Sum of all the alleles in a population GENEPOOL
Table supporter LEG
Thick head of hair MANE
To any degree whatsoever ATALL
Tooth substance ENAMEL
UCLA’s ‘C,’ for short CAL
Unit of tape ROLL
Uno dos TRES
What’s tugged in a tug-of-war ROPE
Witnessed SEEN
Wrist-related CARPAL
Your and my OUR
___ pressure PEER