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USA Today – Aug 22 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Cardcaptor Sakura’ genre ANIME
‘Chewing Gum’ actress Michaela COEL
‘Everybody’s Talking ___ Jamie’ ABOUT
‘Just stop right there . . .’ DONTEVEN
‘Not listed above’ OTHER
‘Oh geez! Sorry!’ OOP
‘Swan Lake,’ e.g BALLET
‘The Fresh Prince of ___-Air’ BEL
Animal in a family photo PET
Baby fox’s home DEN
Blues singer James ETTA
Bosnians or Croats SLAVS
Brought together UNITED
Cajun shellfish-over-rice dish ETOUFFEE
Capri and Naples region SOUTHERNITALY
Chai latte holder MUG
Chloe Dygert’s Olympic team USA
Comes to a close ENDS
Cookie with Forbidden City flavors OREO
Cover with dirt BURY
Covertly includes on an email BCCS
Deluxe hotel room SUITE
Dip for tortilla chips SALSA
Dutch flower TULIP
Egg container CARTON
Fancy galas FETES
Flying mammal BAT
Foggy stupor DAZE
Forearm bone ULNA
Fruit blemish BRUISE
Giraffes have 32 TEETH
Gives the thumbs-up OKS
Grocery shopper’s aids LISTS
How-___ (tutorials) TOS
Industrial tub VAT
Instrument heard in ‘Aloha ‘Oe,’ for short UKE
Irritate EATAT
It might cover a cat owner’s pants FUR
Japanese dish served nabemono style SUKIYAKI
Memorable time period ERA
Morning droplets DEW
Museum with a Goya Gate PRADO
Not a knockoff REAL
Not amateur PRO
Opening segment of a newscast TOPSTORY
Opposite of an old soul YOUTHFULSPIRIT
Person wandering aimlessly through life, maybe LOSTSOUL
Ph.D. holders DRS
Pieces of daisies PETALS
Prepare some jajangmyeon, say COOK
Range below soprano ALTO
Range of hills RIDGE
Recipe amts TSPS
Sandwich known by its initials BLT
Second half of a play, often ACTII
Secret agent SPY
Shaving tools RAZORS
Shot in the dark GUESS
Sibling’s daughter NIECE
Small soup order CUP
Standard bagel count ONEDOZEN
Stratosphere layer OZONE
Subjects of the song ‘Aliens Exist’ (Abbr.) ETS
Submit tax forms online EFILE
Support financially FUND
Takes the gold WINS
Therapy visit, informally SESH
Totally absurd INANE
Tote or purse, e.g BAG
Unopened flower BUD
Way to go (Abbr.) RTE
Weight HEFT
Wine storage area CELLAR
Words of deep affection ILOVEYOUTOBITS
___ oil CANOLA
___ out a living (gets by) EKES