USA Today – Aug 23 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Are you ___ watching?’ (question from a streaming service) STILL
‘Not sure,’ for short IDK
‘Simple & ___’ (Utada Hikaru song) CLEAN
Accuse BLAME
Advertising mascot with a top hat and monocle MRPEANUT
Affliction that might be monthly PMS
Aide (Abbr.) ASST
Ancestry ROOTS
Astronaut Jemison MAE
At a sharp incline STEEP
Bellybutton NAVEL
Bowen Yang’s show SNL
Brooklyn basketball team named after part of the basket NETS
Buffer, like an online video LOAD
Burrito filling BEANS
Currently taken INUSE
Desperate request PLEA
Details INFO
Done napping AWAKE
Drippings used to make gravy BACONFAT
Eatery with udon and soba NOODLEBAR
Excited exclamation ITSLIT
Feature of the last word in this CLUE CAPS
Finishes ENDS
Flightless birds EMUS
French word before a former name NEE
Game with falling shapes TETRIS
Genre for Saweetie RAP
Gorillas, for example APES
Homes in trees NESTS
Ingredient in tacos al pastor PINEAPPLE
Instruction from a Hasbro toy BOPIT
Is in charge of LEADS
Items on a Girl Scout’s sash BADGES
King Arthur-themed strategy game AVALON
Kissing in the street, e.g PDA
Leave off OMIT
Less rich POORER
Lie in the sun BASK
Lioness sound ROAR
Look over again REREAD
Luxurious head of hair MANE
Multiple-choice ___ TEST
Nibble persistently GNAW
Opening for mail or coins SLOT
Order at an ice cream parlor BANANASPLIT
Palindromic pop group ABBA
Path for a volleyball serve ARC
Photo ___ (media events) OPS
Place to stay during a road trip INN
Places to play croquet LAWNS
Played some Portal, perhaps GAMED
Potatoes, for a spud gun AMMO
Praiseful poems ODES
Prefix for ‘profit’ NON
Puts away STOWS
Response to a forwarded meme LOL
Role for Scooter the Dog in ‘The Wiz Live!’ TOTO
Shows respect to a sensei BOWS
Shrinking superhero ANTMAN
Spanish for ‘gold’ ORO
Standards of excellence IDEALS
Starting point ORIGIN
Style of dress WRAP
Suggests POSITS
Twirl SPIN
Unauthorized action by unionized workers WILDCATSTRIKE
Wager BET
Wide formal tie ASCOT
___ buco (Italian dish) OSSO

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