USA Today – Aug 24 2018

Clues Answers
‘I’d be happy to!’ YES
‘Magic’ writing implements MARKERS
‘Major’ or ‘Minor’ constellation URSA
‘NFL Live’ channel ESPN
‘Proof enough for you?’ SEE
1952 John Wayne classic, with ‘The’ QUIETMAN
Abrasive particles GRIT
Almost never encountered RARE
Apt rhyme for ‘pursuer’ WOOER
Aspiring actor’s hope ROLE
Assign to a 14-Across CAST
Bassoonist’s buy REED
Berth occupants BOATS
Black Beauty, as a newborn FOAL
Body part torn by pitchers ROTATORCUFF
Brooklyn hoopsters NETS
Browser entry, briefly URL
Candidates’ goals SEATS
Cheerio center HOLE
Chimichanga wrap TORTILLA
Clash of beefy wrestlers SUMO
Consents to ALLOWS
Counterpart of Alexa SIRI
Derives good from USES
Diagnostic aid TEST
Emollient in beauty bars ALOE
Far from a sure thing IFFY
Far from sympathetic STONY
Ferdinand of kid-lit, e.g BULL
Go from dormant to active ERUPT
Habitually ALOT
Handicrafts e-tailer ETSY
Have a gabfest TALK
Home to Nemo, in a Pixar movie REEF
Hopping mad IRATE
How everyone enters the world NUDE
Innocent ones BABES
Ives of ‘The Big Country’ BURL
Jouster’s mount STEED
Kind of sap in a sugarhouse MAPLE
Kindling-making tools AXES
Leopard or lion BIGCAT
Like a hook with a worm BAITED
Like a lynx’s ears TUFTED
Likeness of a Roman emperor, perhaps MARBLEBUST
Malty brew ALE
Melted together FUSED
Montreal event of 1967 EXPO
More inclined to pry SNOOPIER
Move furtively SIDLE
Move like molasses OOZE
Parking garage inclines RAMPS
Pet protector of sorts FLEACOLLAR
Place for wraps and rubdowns SPA
Reduce to rubble RAZE
Regenerist skin care company OLAY
Rehabber’s goal WELLNESS
Result of a loan default, briefly REPO
Rights org ACLU
Rotating car part AXLE
Salesman’s target QUOTA
Scones go-with TEA
Scorpion’s tail feature BARB
Semi-frozen drink brand ICEE
Shares a border with ABUTS
Sheer delight GLEE
Shell game spheroid PEA
Shingle fastener ROOFINGNAIL
Signal in the Gotham City sky BAT
Some chicken coop invaders FOXES
Sophia with a 1962 Oscar LOREN
Steer snagger LASSO
Steers clear of ESCHEWS
String quartet member CELLO
Stumbler’s cry OOPS
Sulky puller’s pace TROT
Taco filling option BEEF
Word after pie or bug EYED

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