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USA Today – Aug 24 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘In this ___, I will . . .’ ESSAY
‘It’s a ___’ (comment on something extraordinary) DOOZY
‘Makes sense’ ISEE
‘One Day ___ Time’ ATA
‘r u 4 real??’ OMG
‘Simply Ming’ channel PBS
‘That wasn’t exactly true . . .’ ILIED
‘This rules!’ YES
‘Yeah, sure’ IBET
‘___ You That Somebody?’ (Aaliyah song) ARE
Appear to be SEEM
Artist who drew impossible objects MCESCHER
Aunt May portrayer Marisa TOMEI
Author Ferber EDNA
Bee’s attack STING
Clout chaser’s drive PURSUITOFFAME
Constance Wu’s ‘Hustlers’ co-star, for short JLO
Day after Thu FRI
Director ___ Saul Guerrero GIGI
Disney warrior who sings ‘Reflection’ MULAN
Doing nothing IDLE
Elk relative MOOSE
Feathery wrap BOA
Flip-flop, in Australia THONG
Fly higher than high SOAR
French word before a birth name NEE
Fringes EDGES
Game with L- and T-shaped pieces TETRIS
Gets ready to back up PUTSINREVERSE
Go ‘hrrmph’ GRUNT
Identified NAMED
Last-minute fear COLDFEET
Longtime pal OLDBUDDY
Many an adorable upload CATVIDEO
Meet-___ (rom-com trope) CUTE
Melodramatic TV show SOAPOPERA
Moved swiftly past BREEZEDBY
Musical genre with bass drops EDM
Necklace for Queen Liliuokalani LEI
Nighttime outfit, for short PJS
Past or future TENSE
Performed onstage ACTED
Phone contact method TEXT
Plastic wrap brand SARAN
Poke bowl tuna AHI
Pole on a sailboat MAST
Positive vote YEA
Post-run feeling, maybe ACHE
Puts a limit on CAPS
Receded EBBED
Reds or Red Sox MLBTEAM
Revise EDIT
Rita Repulsa, to the Power Rangers ENEMY
Say what’s on your mind OPINE
Self-importance EGO
Shoe bottom SOLE
Show off FLEX
Slice of history ERA
Smile from ear to ear BEAM
Social class CASTE
Some call it ‘pop’ SODA
Sound from an angry dog SNARL
Sound-related SONIC
Suffix for ‘Taiwan’ ESE
Syllable before ‘Tac’ or ‘-tac-toe’ TIC
Three-vowel automaker AUDI
Tumblr site BLOG
View as DEEM
Web test that might have accessibility issues CAPTCHA
Wipes out big-time EATSIT
Word after ‘performance’ or ‘latte’ ART
Words from bride to bride IDO
___ Dhabi ABU