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USA Today – Aug 24 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Don’t know the details yet’ (Abbr.) TBD
‘It Ain’t Over ___ It’s Over’ TIL
‘Keep quiet!’ SHH
‘None for me’ NAH
‘Schitt’s Creek’ or ‘227,’ e.g SITUATIONCOMEDY
‘The Goldfinch’ author Donna TARTT
‘They’re ___ me . . .’ ONTO
Actor Sy of ‘Lupin’ OMAR
Amy Winehouse’s ‘Stronger ___ Me’ THAN
Ballerina’s skirt TUTU
Best of the best ELITE
Carousel animal HORSE
City that’s home to the Lotus Temple DELHI
Competition with a bracket, often TOURNEY
Covered in grease OILY
Cricket legend Brian LARA
Deceptive plan RUSE
Dorm supervisors RAS
Downtime LEISURE
Eeyore’s bear friend POOH
Event that might produce hail STORM
Every bit ALL
Female deer DOE
Financial obligations DEBTS
Food with a shell TACO
Get down to the music DANCE
Get in contact with HITUP
Graded assessments TESTS
Grind together GNASH
Guaranteed winner SHOOIN
Hint for understanding a word’s meaning CONTEXTCLUE
How you’re feeling MOOD
In a deadpan manner DRYLY
Inflated self-image EGO
Introductions LEADINS
Jenga tower topplers LOSERS
Joint that might be banged on a coffee table KNEE
Key in the NW of a keyboard ESC
Like a game heading to overtime TIED
Like dad jokes CORNY
Like some doctors and therapists ONCALL
Location SITE
Magazine supervisor EDITOR
Make yawn, perhaps BORE
Micro or macro course ECON
Musical interval from A to F SIXTH
Not open SHUT
Numbered musical work OPUS
On the ___ (often) REG
Orangutans or bonobos APES
Paid to play poker ANTED
Pajama top option TEE
Piece of asparagus SPEAR
Plant in a citrus grove LIMETREE
Pointy-eared fantasy creature ELF
Projects for Ph.D. candidates THESES
Quark’s place ATOM
Record-smashing song MEGAHIT
Referenced CITED
Share an office with another company COLOCATE
Singer-songwriter Billie EILISH
Some hospital workers (Abbr.) RNS
Third-place medal BRONZE
Unit of sewing STITCH
Web addresses URLS
What a meow might mean FEEDME
What spoilers might give away ENDING
Word before ‘garden’ or ‘meditation’ ZEN
Works up a sweat TOILS
___ Day (April tree-planting event) ARBOR
___ dish (lab equipment) PETRI