USA Today – Aug 24 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘I’ll take a ___ at it’ STAB
‘I’m right ___’ HERE
‘My Cousin Vinny’ star Marisa TOMEI
‘New Amsterdam’ channel NBC
‘Nope!’ UHUH
‘On your mark, get ___ . . .’ SET
‘Psych!’ NOT
‘Say kimchi!’ SMILE
‘See, I was right!’ TOLDYA
‘Skipping my turn’ IPASS
‘___-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ SHE
Affectionate embrace HUG
Air pollution SMOG
Ali Baba’s magic words OPENSESAME
Baggage screening org TSA
Be overly sweet CLOY
Big cars SUVS
Brewery creations ALES
Bundle of barley SHEAF
Camper’s shelter TENT
Cart count ITEMS
Cave sound ECHO
Chengdu-to-Wuhan direction EAST
Cockpit worker PILOT
Concert T-shirts, posters, etc BANDMERCH
Cookies with creme OREOS
Debit card action SWIPE
Decibel or liter UNIT
Declare untrue DENY
Eagle’s claw TALON
Four-year college offering BAPROGRAM
Gibbons or gorillas APES
Havanese’s bark YIP
Heating fuel sold in cans STERNO
Herb used to flavor brown butter SAGE
Hill with a flat top MESA
Honeydew or bitter melon GOURD
In Chinese culture, gifting someone a clock is one TABOO
Itinerary info ETA
Key for indenting TAB
Koolau Range’s island OAHU
Life with no money worries EASYSTREET
Lilo, to Nani, for short SIS
Lowest card in a royal flush TEN
Lucky number in Chinese culture EIGHT
Main religion in Turkey ISLAM
Make joyful ELATE
Mama ___ Elliot CASS
Most adorable CUTEST
Mountain range with edelweiss ALPS
New Haven school YALE
Nikola with many patents TESLA
Not feral TAME
Numerical factoid STAT
One of three on a piano PEDAL
OPI alternative ESSIE
Optimistic-sounding blood type BPOSITIVE
Oval or square SHAPE
Pair on a chair ARMS
Phrase announcing one’s arrival IMADEIT
Prefix for ‘final’ or ‘circle’ SEMI
Pretty good SOLID
Shorthair’s statement MEOW
Sizable LARGE
Sought permission ASKED
Spanish appetizers TAPAS
Tools for catching butterflies NETS
Trees with cones PINES
Tuna for tuna tataki AHI
U.N. Secretary General from 2007 to 2016 BANKIMOON
Unassisted SOLO
Unit of mass GRAM
Untidy stack HEAP
Went halvesies on SPLIT
Winter precipitation, in brand names SNO
Woodpecker’s habitat FOREST
Word after ‘jam’ or ‘makeout’ SESH
___ cabbage (kimchi ingredient) NAPA

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