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USA Today – Aug 26 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Bug’ that’s not an insect GERM
‘C prompt’ displayer DOS
‘Hop aboard!’ GETON
‘Mila 18’ author Leon URIS
‘Therefore,’ to Descartes ERGO
‘___ further review . . .’ UPON
Aardvark’s meal ANTS
Absorb, with ‘up’ SOP
Airport queue TAXICABS
All-in-one printer option SCAN
Anise-flavored liqueur OUZO
Archer’s asset AIM
Arms in ‘Argo’ and ‘Munich’ UZIS
Ballpark figure ROUGHESTIMATE
Be verbally evasive HEM
Beachfront work of art SANDSCULPTURE
Big bash FETE
Big, fat mouth YAP
Billiard ball, e.g SPHERE
Bridge expert Sharif OMAR
Carry out, as orders OBEY
Chart-topper HIT
Chilling, in a way EERIE
Compelling, as an argument COGENT
Em, to Dorothy AUNT
Emperor after Nero GALBA
Expose to the public AIR
Fire drill objective EXIT
Flippers-freezing miscue TILT
Flirtatious lass MINX
Gave a facelift to REDID
Geographical statistic AREA
Get a new mortgage, informally REFI
Go overboard on stage EMOTE
Grouchy Muppet OSCAR
Hot tar, e.g GOO
Ides of March rebuke ETTU
In first place ONTOP
Jack Durbeyfield’s daughter TESS
Knish filling POTATO
Like early LPs MONO
Makeup kit item GLOSS
Marbles, so to speak WITS
Martin’s ‘Laugh-In’ partner ROWAN
Medical researcher’s goal CURE
Mimic’s forte APERY
Monarchy near Fiji TONGA
Murdoch portrayed by Winslet and Dench IRIS
Oddball comic Philips EMO
Patronize Airbnb RENT
Place for a mani-pedi SPA
Plexiglass unit PANE
Post-Carnival period LENT
President who portrayed the Gipper REAGAN
President with a dog named Bo OBAMA
Quality of a diver’s watch WATERRESISTANCE
Range on the Continental Divide ANDES
Ray that can exceed a ton MANTA
Reads the riot act to REAMSOUT
Red Bull buy CAN
Regular at Moe’s HOMER
River’s surrounding area BASIN
Saw print RAN
Script segment SCENE
Send to blazes DAMN
Shiner spot EYE
Shrink in fear COWER
Sit-___ (some protests) INS
Source of fries, informally SPUD
Stretch of time SPAN
Teamed beasts OXEN
Trojans’ sch USC
Victim of Corday MARAT
Wearer of a conical cap, once DUNCE
Whip-and-chair wielder TAMER
Wiesel who wrote ‘Night’ ELIE
Yogi or Boo-Boo BEAR
___ Wednesday (start of 8-Down) ASH