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USA Today – Aug 26 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
’60 Minutes’ reporter Lesley STAHL
‘Alambrista!’ actor Beatty NED
‘Doggone it!’ AWNUTS
‘I don’t think so’ UHUH
‘In that case . . .’ IFSO
‘Not a surprise to me’ IMAWARE
‘Silly me!’ DOH
‘Superman’ actor Christopher REEVE
‘This ___ to stop!’ HAS
‘You must unlearn what you have learned’ sage YODA
Andre the Giant or Sasha Banks, e.g PROWRESTLER
Applebee’s sister restaurant IHOP
Bathroom, in Liverpool LOO
Bear who loves ‘hunny’ POOH
Black ___ bass SEA
Bother persistently NAG
Boxing match units ROUNDS
Brokerage firm with an asterisk in its logo ETRADE
Browser navigation aid TAB
Change over time EVOLVE
Chipped away at ATEINTO
Church service MASS
City with a four-mile Ceramic Road HANOI
Cry of distress YOWL
Degree for an exec MBA
Difficult to catch ELUSIVE
Dog’s sound ARF
eBay user SELLER
Empty talk HOTAIR
Excessive admiration HEROWORSHIP
Extremely thin GAUNT
Familiar adage OLDSAW
Gnu’s hair MANE
Goddess often invoked by Wonder Woman HERA
Green goal ZEROWASTE
Have to have NEED
Helium, for example GAS
Incursion FORAY
Instrument for Cindy Blackman Santana DRUM
Intelligence agency asset SPY
Kitchen prep utensil PEELER
Last leg of a triathlon RUN
Like some people who wear all black GOTH
Line on a graph AXIS
Mama sheep EWE
Mediocre SOSO
Molecule component ATOM
Natural rope fiber HEMP
Not fooled by ONTO
Outer boundaries EDGES
Plants in vacant lots WEEDS
Praise profusely EXTOL
Pride letters LGBT
Qatari capital DOHA
Recharge your batteries REST
Reference book named after a Titan ATLAS
Rex Stout’s detective NEROWOLFE
Robin’s meal BIRDFOOD
Safe place REFUGE
Sandwich filling EGGSALAD
Say no to REFUSE
Scoreboard tally (Abbr.) PTS
Sensible SANE
Skater’s spinning jump AXEL
Snow mover PLOW
Spearheaded LED
St. ___ College (Carleton rival) OLAF
Struck a chord HITHOME
Target field RETAIL
Tavern selections ALES
Tea brand TAZO
The whole schmear ALL
Time ___ (sci-fi travel aid) WARP
Uno, dos, ___ TRES
What comes before ‘com’ in a URL DOT
___-Dazs HAAGEN
___-Mex TEX
___-mo SLO