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USA Today – Aug 26 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘I don’t mind either way’ YOUPICK
‘I’ll take that as ___’ ANO
‘In that case . . .’ IFSO
‘Lemme do it!’ IWANNA
‘Love, Victor’ actress Ortiz ANA
‘Where ___ you go?’ DID
‘You’re on ___’ (Zoom reminder) MUTE
‘___ to Our Ocean’ (Amanda Gorman poem) ODE
9.58 seconds, for the men’s 100-meter dash WORLDRECORD
Approx. landing times ETAS
Areas with limited access to affordable nutrition FOODDESERTS
Baby doggo PUP
Back muscle, for short LAT
Boo-boo OWIE
Boston hoopers, for short CELTS
Buddy PAL
Calligrapher’s liquid INK
Chocolate wafer candy bar KITKAT
Commotion ADO
Disdainful sound TSK
DVR button REC
Extroverted SOCIAL
Feathery scarf BOA
Followers of Guru Nanak SIKHS
Food energy unit hidden in ‘prank call’ KCAL
Front porch STOOP
Gender-neutral pronoun ONE
Go with ESCORT
Gooey black sealant TAR
In need of a rinse SOAPY
Japanese beer brand ASAHI
Justice Sotomayor SONIA
Keg part TAP
Language that’s the name of an Asian country minus its last letter LAO
Ledge for a houseplant SILL
Like dental exams ORAL
Like lines that never meet PARALLEL
Little ___ (person getting snuggled) SPOON
Massachusetts state tree ELM
Mathematician Paul ERDOS
Maze-solving rodent LABRAT
Mixed-breed dogs MUTTS
Nike competitor ADIDAS
Oil at a dispensary CBD
Opinion columns OPEDS
Opposite of high LOW
Pain relief brand TYLENOL
Pastrami sandwich bread RYE
PC key near F1 ESC
Person who might be found through DNA testing BLOODRELATIVE
Person you look up to HERO
Pooh’s gloomy 23-Across EEYORE
Post-shower garment ROBE
Recording studio sign ONAIR
Runway walkers MODELS
Sail holders MASTS
Salad with croutons CAESAR
Say from memory RECITE
Severs LOPS
Singer and songwriter Monet VICTORIA
Slight mistake LAPSE
Sneaky SLY
Soothing plants ALOES
Spanish rice dish PAELLA
Spiky shoe part, maybe HEEL
Splashes around SLOSHES
State known for its potatoes IDAHO
Subside LETUP
They often start with https:// URLS
Tres, in English THREE
United ___ Emirates ARAB
Watch a neighbor’s kitty CATSIT
Word before ‘effect’ or ‘hustle’ SIDE
Yellowstone deer ELK
___ and error TRIAL
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO