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USA Today – Aug 27 2018

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Clues Answers
‘All ___ in favor . . .’ THOSE
‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ band, with ‘the’ RAMONES
‘No ___, no gain’ PAIN
‘Sweetie’ alternative HON
About 907 kilos ONETON
Abysmal grade ZERO
Allen of ‘Annie Hall’ WOODY
Amazon Echo assistant ALEXA
Annual ball drop locale TIMESSQUARE
Anticipates the arrival of WAITSFOR
Beyond peeved IRATE
Brief squabble SETTO
Buffoonery-laden comedies FARCES
Casino array SLOTS
Checkup from a doc EXAM
Concrete component source SANDPIT
Cures in brine CORNS
Dictator ousted by Castro BATISTA
Earn after expenses CLEAR
Fail to name OMIT
Fare that’s ‘slung’ HASH
Feldman of ‘Stand by Me’ COREY
Finds guiltless ACQUITS
First laid 59-Across on MET
Forced-induction engines, for short TURBOS
Frenzied state FEVERPITCH
Give off, as an odor EMIT
Golden Gloves contest BOXINGMATCH
Greek X CHI
Gridiron great Favre BRETT
Islamic holy city MECCA
Junkyard car’s coating RUST
Kegger, e.g PARTY
Knight’s title SIR
Knock the socks off AMAZE
Knot-tying words IDO
Kushner of the White House JARED
Kuwaiti potentate EMIR
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Leave for a bit STEPAWAY
Like an oboe’s sound REEDY
Like the Sahara ARID
Line with a Stockholm hub SAS
Makes docile TAMES
Manning of the NFL ELI
Many a 22-Down ARAB
Many a John Williams composition MOVIESCORE
Modify, as a soundtrack REMIX
Needless bother ADO
Nile wader IBIS
One of a matched pair, maybe HERS
Ostrich kin EMU
Piece about a passing OBIT
Prone to sunburn FAIR
Race in neutral REV
Rent-a-car giant AVIS
Repair bill part TAX
Roberts with over 200 novels NORA
Run ___ (go nuts) AMOK
Scrap, slangily DEEPSIX
Shows for all to see BARES
Small, as dresses go PETITE
Snake venom, e.g TOXIN
Spots on spuds EYES
Sun Valley’s state IDAHO
Suspects’ defenses ALIBIS
Takes a load off SITS
They’re no longer dating EXES
Two-time Billboard Top Artist winner ADELE
Used bibs’ features STAINS
Using a Singer, say SEWING
Wailer of Irish myth BANSHEE
Weeps for MOURNS
Wing it with a band JAM
Word after ice or draft PICK