USA Today – Aug 27 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Captain America: Civil ___’ WAR
‘I’m OK with that!’ SUITSME
‘Pretty good, actually!’ NOTBAD
‘So cool!’ RAD
‘Use your ___ voice!’ INSIDE
‘___ Gone’ (Hall & Oates song) SHES
A kid might jump in one on a rainy day PUDDLE
Actor Cumming ALAN
Apple Music’s predecessor ITUNES
At the peak of activity INFULLSWING
Booker T. & the ___ MGS
Butt heads ARGUE
Calc, e.g MATH
Catan resource ORE
Chat GAB
Class that might teach idioms (Abbr.) ESL
Clear from a chalkboard ERASE
Comedian Wong ALI
Country that’s the only remaining home to the Asiatic Cheetah IRAN
Discount event SALE
Diva’s moment to shine ARIA
Dog mushing is its official state sport ALASKA
Dreyer’s partner in ice cream EDY
Elephants’ trunks, e.g NOSES
Fall behind LAG
Film ___ (movie genre) NOIR
Finally come into some good luck CATCHABREAK
Get away from ELUDE
Glittery jewelry BLING
He has a toy shop at the North Pole SANTA
Homeowners’ documents DEEDS
Homes on Wingspan cards NESTS
Hospital areas ERS
Huge favor BIGASK
In large numbers GALORE
In the past AGO
Inventor Nikola TESLA
Japanese dog breed AKITA
Kicked out of a contest, for short DQED
Lacking ethics AMORAL
Lentil dish DAL
Like a wet noodle LIMP
Machine in some bodegas ATM
Many an ‘Our Flag Means Death’ character PIRATE
Misplace LOSE
Moose relatives ELKS
Muppet who is 3 1/2 years old ELMO
Mystery Writers of America award EDGAR
Off course ERRANT
Only country with a nonrectangular flag NEPAL
Ordinary people REGULARFOLK
Poet Juana ___ de la Cruz INES
Professor’s job security TENURE
Really bugs IRKS
Ring of light over an angel HALO
Silently agrees NODS
Sing Christmas songs CAROL
Sound effect in a cave ECHO
Sputnik’s launch began it SPACEAGE
Suitable for a queen REGAL
Sun Devils’ sch ASU
Tart dessert bar LEMONSQUARE
Tech co. that helped with the Apollo missions IBM
The Green Hornet’s partner KATO
Tissue that connects bone to bone LIGAMENT
Totally baffle STUMP
Watch online STREAM
What mirrors do REFLECT
Wife, in Spanish ESPOSA
With assurance FIRMLY
Workstation DESK
___ by (barely manage) EKE
___ Corgi (short-legged dog) WELSH
___ mortal MERE

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