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USA Today – Aug 28 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A ___ pittance!’ MERE
‘Frasier’ terrier EDDIE
‘If only . . .’ WOULDABEENNICE
‘Lou Grant’ star Ed ASNER
1967 Montreal event EXPO
Arabian Sea nation OMAN
Archaeological site DIG
Artful dodges RUSES
At hand NEAR
Bagel choice SESAME
Baldwin who lampoons Trump ALEC
Bombards with cyberjunk SPAMS
Bosom buddy PAL
Bridal path AISLE
Cheeseboard choice EDAM
Clarinetist Artie SHAW
Coin-stamping tools DIES
Complain, complain NAG
Coral creation ATOLL
Cross swords ARGUE
Dated, but trendy RETRO
Do-re-mi MOOLAH
Drone’s lack PILOT
Egret, e.g HERON
Farrow of ‘The Omen’ MIA
Fork out SPEND
Fries or slaw SIDE
Furrowed facial feature BROW
God-fearing PIOUS
Golden Rule word UNTO
Hit the hammock REST
Home to a 27-Across STY
Jason’s craft ARGO
Knight in shining armor HERO
Love personified EROS
Lunch break duration, perhaps HOUR
Manicurist’s file material EMERY
March Madness letters NCAA
MasterCard alternative, briefly AMEX
Most jabs, in boxing LEFTS
Neighbor of Algeria MALI
New Age emanations AURAS
Northern Plains tribe CREE
Olive stuffing PIMIENTO
Oodles ALOT
Peseta’s replacement EURO
Picketer’s bane SCAB
Pillow accessory SHAM
Place for a horseshoe HOOF
Poker bets, collectively POT
Pot-bellied pet PIG
Rasta’s locks DREADS
React in shock GASP
Salt’s assent AYEAYE
Seashell seller of rhyme SHE
Seconds, at the table MORE
Short-lived elementary particle MUON
Skin softener ingredient ALOE
Slap on, as paint DAUB
Sports bar array TVS
Stroke of genius COUP
Tailor’s border HEM
Think the world of ADORE
To boot ALSO
Treacherous situation MINEFIELD
Walks wearily PLODS
Waterfront worker STEVEDORE
Watson of ‘Harry Potter’ movies EMMA
Where some suits are pressed LAWCOURT
Wine label figure YEAR
Word after laughing or natural GAS
___ Aviv TEL
___ to black (movie effect) FADE
___-aging cream ANTI