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USA Today – Aug 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Diana’ singer Paul ANKA
‘On the double!’ PRONTO
‘QB VII’ author Leon URIS
‘The Matrix’ genre CYBERPUNK
22 Mozart works OPERAS
Al of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ GORE
Anteater’s protrusion SNOUT
Barracks bed COT
Be too inquisitive SNOOP
Beads holder on an abacus ROD
Boxer who retired with a 50-0 record FLOYDMAYWEATHER
Breaker of a mental block IDEA
Bridge installer’s deg DDS
Browsing history entries SITES
Brunch beverages, briefly OJS
Building with bars JAIL
Campaign poster word ELECT
Cassock wearer CLERIC
Cause of malodor, perhaps ROT
Chaplin of ‘The Longest Ride’ OONA
Charged toward RANAT
Color akin to almond TAN
Color akin to almond ECRU
Cusser’s mouthwash of old SOAP
Day one OUTSET
Dean’s URL ender EDU
Disney movie with a spaghetti scene LADYANDTHETRAMP
Does in, in slang OFFS
Foe-turned-ally of Balboa CREED
Freeway’s lack TOLL
Fur from farms MINK
In a fresh way ANEW
In reserve ONICE
Jose Altuve, e.g ASTRO
Kemper who plays Kimmy Schmidt ELLIE
Kermit the Frog’s salutation HIHO
Land bordering Lake Titicaca PERU
Last day of some months THIRTIETH
LDS-owned school in Provo BYU
Like veggie burgers MEATFREE
Lindbergh’s heading EAST
Magnet material IRON
Mary Kay competitor AVON
Messages from bots SPAM
Moves like a pendulum SWAYS
Musical based on a Verdi opera AIDA
Neatnik’s opposite SLOB
Needed Bengay ACHED
No-frills steamship option STEERAGE
Nut job MANIAC
Operating system since the ’70s UNIX
Pics on skin TATS
Plant that may be pulled WEED
Polished look SHEEN
Promo pieces ADS
Quivering dessert JELLO
Rock that’s ‘fracked’ SHALE
Servers with spigots URNS
Shark tale of 1975 JAWS
Sounds from prides ROARS
Source of vegetable fuel BOG
Strauss of denim LEVI
Supersonic speed word MACH
Talks like a tosspot SLURS
Those guys THEM
Touched the tarmac LANDED
Transfusion amounts UNITS
Type ‘how r u,’ perhaps TEXT
Use a Lawn-Boy, say MOW
VURM wine rack seller IKEA
Went public with AIRED
Word after pack or gym RAT
Yard boundary, perhaps FENCE
Young pal of Pooh ROO
Yule pudding fruits PLUMS