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USA Today – Aug 3 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Arsenic and Adobo’ author ___ P. Manansala MIA
‘Got it’ ISEE
‘It starts with an H,’ for this answer HINT
‘Look at that cute puppy!’ AWW
‘Ooh, tell me more!’ IMINTERESTED
100 gecs singer/producer ___ Les LAURA
Actor’s rep AGENT
Alma mater of Juan Felipe Herrera UCLA
As dry as a desert ARID
At risk of being towed PARKEDILLEGALLY
Backyard toy with a hose hookup SLIPNSLIDE
Bedding often made of flannel or silk SHEETS
Bit of info for an airport pickup ETA
Black Panther hat BERET
Child KID
Classmate, for example PEER
Currency in Nara YEN
Degree for a dentist DDS
Denounce CONDEMN
Detour sign symbol ARROW
Disney character who sings ‘Let It Go’ ELSA
Drink that may be flavored with cardamom LASSI
Enjoy greatly RELISH
Even score TIE
Even slightly ATALL
Explosive initials TNT
Fireplace output HEAT
Fish eggs ROE
Fly high SOAR
Formal agreement PACT
Game with infrared sensor vests LASERTAG
Get on in years AGE
Have some bunny chow, e.g EAT
Herb with Genovese and Thai varieties BASIL
Hollered YELLED
Insect that might be a drone BEE
Item for fetch or catch BALL
Kimono sash OBI
Lackadaisically IDLY
Laozi principle TAO
Lincoln Logs structure CABIN
Makeup company with door-to-door salespeople AVON
Meower CAT
Molars and such TEETH
Muscle-to-bone connector SINEW
Not in the shipyard ATSEA
Nutritionist’s recs HEALTHYMEALS
October birthstone OPAL
Offended HURT
Perceive SENSE
Philly Flyers mascot GRITTY
Place that rhymes with ‘aah,’ fittingly SPA
Pleasant smells AROMAS
Prepare to drive, in golf TEEUP
Press ‘Reply All’ instead of ‘Reply,’ for example ERR
Pucker-inducing SOUR
Russian leaders before 1917 TSARS
Shortly SOON
Skin openings PORES
Snack made with celery, peanut butter and raisins ANTSONALOG
Spot for jottings NOTEPAD
Subpar POOR
To no ___ (ineffectively) AVAIL
Travel document VISA
Twitter thread, perhaps RANT
University bigwig DEAN
Used a stencil TRACED
Vase with a base URN
War god and son of Hera ARES
Watson co IBM
Word after ‘candy’ or ‘pullup’ BAR
___ hour (last moment) ELEVENTH
___ Talks (lecture series) TED
___-mo (replay effect) SLO
___/her pronouns SHE