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USA Today – Aug 30 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Bad apple’ or ‘big cheese’ IDIOM
‘God willing!’ POSSIBLY
‘In ___ of gifts . . .’ LIEU
‘On top of that . . .’ ALSO
‘See ya!’ CIAO
2 BR/1 BA listing, perhaps APT
American Greetings purchase CARD
Aspiring J.D.’s exam LSAT
Ballet bend PLIE
Barnyard bleaters LAMBS
Bit of Ogden Nash wordplay PUN
Braid of hair PLAIT
Brit’s ‘cuppa’ TEA
Bruins great Bobby ORR
C-to-C interval OCTAVE
Cicada sounds CHIRPS
Comply with, as a law OBEY
Deplane dramatically SKYDIVE
Dietary fiber source BRAN
Emcee’s lead-in INTRO
Forearm bone ULNA
Gable roof feature SLOPE
Half the chessmen PAWNS
Hard-to-accept situation BITTERPILL
Hathaway of ‘Ocean’s 8’ ANNE
Hefty volume TOME
Homer king before Hank BABE
Informal ‘understood’ IHEARYA
iPhone function under ‘Clock’ ALARM
It’s bellied up to BAR
Jokes and 61-Downs HUMOR
Klondike’s territory YUKON
Knee or elbow, anatomically HINGE
Letter after sigma TAU
Like a jackhammer NOISY
Loos who adapted ‘Gigi’ ANITA
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Mafia bigwig DON
Mattress filler AIR
Mustachioed surrealist DALI
One of the Bahamas’ many ISLET
Peach variety CLING
Peeples or Vardalos NIA
Pete Rose’s longtime team REDS
Place to hibernate LAIR
Poison oak woe ITCH
Prefix with byte or bucks MEGA
Roger Bannister, notably MILER
Rom-com filmmaker Ephron NORA
Roy Rogers/Dale Evans single HAPPYTRAILS
Sandwich with toothpicks CLUB
Screws up ERRS
Shifty sort SNEAK
Skyscraper count STORIES
Slave away TOIL
Smokehouse meats HAMS
Song you can’t get out of your head EARWORM
Sugar serving LUMP
Sunday drive, maybe SPIN
Swimmer Michael with 23 Olympic golds PHELPS
T. rex in ‘Jurassic Park,’ e.g CLONE
Texter’s ‘seize the day’ YOLO
To a great degree ALOT
Treat for a dog BONE
Trim, as a photo CROP
Up to, on a store sign TIL
Video game with green enemy pigs ANGRYBIRDS
Vigeland Sculpture Park city OSLO
Visceral, as feelings INNER
War memorial, e.g SADREMINDER
Weapon with electrodes TASER
Whisk brooms’ companions DUSTPANS
Wild and crazy guy LUNATIC
Woodwind with a conical bore OBOE
Word before penny or please PRETTY
Yuletide tune NOEL
___ torch (party light) TIKI