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USA Today – Aug 31 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Don’t have a cow!’ RELAX
‘No ___, no foul’ HARM discoveries KIN
Award for a sitcom EMMY
California ballplayer ANGEL
Camporee setups TENTS
Caramel-topped dessert FLAN
Change direction suddenly ZAG
Clowns’ toppers WIGS
Cold and snowy WINTRY
Color chart selection HUE
Color similar to turquoise AQUA
Counterfeiters’ foes, for short TMEN
Device for real-time viewing LIVECAM
Difficult to please FUSSY
Does some leg-pulling JESTS
Dove soap’s shape OVAL
Drew in LURED
Emotion that may be managed ANGER
Events for bargain hunters TAGSALES
Exit an application QUIT
Far from organized MESSY
Farther from center OUTER
Flat-faced dogs PUGS
Furnish with gear EQUIP
Grapplers’ place MAT
Han or Indiana, for Harrison ROLE
Harts’ mates DOES
Has confidence in RELIESON
Have a hunch FEEL
Horned zodiac animal RAM
Knocks out, in a way EXHAUSTS
Lacking the essentials NEEDY
Landed on a limb, e.g ALIT
Leave slack-jawed AMAZE
Leigh of ‘Psycho’ JANET
Letters on Forever stamps USA
Light a fire under AROUSE
Like a Brobdingnagian HUGE
Line through a planet’s center AXIS
Long hauls TREKS
Luau bowlful POI
Maintain an address RESIDE
Melt away FADE
Modest reply to ‘Nice work!’ ITRY
No longer in bed ARISEN
Optimist’s viewpoint BRIGHTSIDE
Organs with drums EARS
Poler’s transport RAFT
Pulls into a spot PARKS
Radio letters AMFM
React to bright sunlight, perhaps SQUINT
Reason to cram EXAM
Reason to protest CAUSE
Recurring joke RUNNINGGAG
Reduce to a puddle MELT
Replies from head-shakers NOES
See 37-Across BAGS
See 45-Across CENTS
Share a border with ABUT
Shows signs of neglect RUSTS
Skylab org NASA
Smallest of a litter RUNT
Snow structure FORT
Spotify offering TUNE
Start of a count ONE
Three Stooges episode, e.g MOVIESHORT
Valuable deposits ORES
Vine-covered lattices ARBORS
Vocalizes vehemently RANTS
Wavy ‘do PERM
Weblike in appearance SPIDERY
Where the ‘Red Tails’ pilots trained TUSKEGEE
Wimbledon area GRASSCOURT
Wished undone RUED
With 25-Down, phrase on some coins FIVE
With 7-Down, roomy carriers TOTE
Year-end card word MERRY