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USA Today – Aug 4 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Hamilton’ racked up 11 in 2016 TONYS
‘On the Case’ host Zahn PAULA
‘___ Enchanted’ (Hathaway movie) ELLA
‘___ Woman’ (ELO hit) EVIL
Alley cat, e.g STRAY
Ambulance letters EMS
Ariel or Tinker Bell SPRITE
Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 EROICA
Bent one’s elbow TIPPLED
Bombards with e-junk SPAMS
Bummed out SAD
Casino dealer’s box SHOE
Christmas tree trim TINSEL
Citified areas, informally URBS
Comfy shoe MOC
Convention freebies SWAG
Draft choice SELECTEE
Dreads sporter, perhaps RASTA
Drink on draft ALE
El Al destination (Abbr.) ISR
Family-friendly, as movies go RATEDG
Gave off, as charm EMANATED
Get sunburned, so to speak FRY
Glob of gum WAD
Go on the road, as a rock band TOUR
Golf club VIP PRO
Golfer’s flaw SLICE
Gridiron referee’s toss FLAG
Harte who wrote of Poker Flat BRET
Ipanema’s city, for short RIO
Is wild about ADORES
Jedi master YODA
Lambert who sings with Queen ADAM
Like a souffle EGGY
Like the Grinch MEAN
Like the pirates in ‘Captain Phillips’ SOMALI
Lyrical work ODE
Mad Hatter’s service TEASET
Mahmoud Abbas’ grp PLO
Clues Answers
Mars hue RED
Metal-cutting tool SNIPS
Neeson of ‘Taken’ LIAM
Oldest major in pro golf BRITISHOPEN
One on a beat COP
Open audition, informally CATTLECALL
Orbiters with tails COMETS
Paris, to Romeo RIVAL
Payment for hijacked data RANSOM
Post-marathon woe ACHE
Queen’s ‘We ___ the Champions’ ARE
Railroad crossbeam TIE
Result of iron deficiency ANEMIA
Reward for excellent work MERITRAISE
Round Table address SIRE
Sean of ‘Stranger Things’ ASTIN
Select, with ‘for’ OPT
Sign before Virgo LEO
Slopping the hogs, e.g CHORE
State further ADD
Step in making a paper crane, say ORIGAMIFOLD
Stereotypical cow’s name BOSSY
Sword’s superior, in a saying PEN
Tech callers USERS
The ‘m’ in Einstein’s equation MASS
The Gay ’90s, e.g DECADE
The tiniest bit ONEIOTA
Tiara inlay GEM
Took a load off SAT
Traveler’s stopover INN
Tunesmiths’ org ASCAP
TV chef Moulton SARA
Twisted Sister frontman Snider DEE
Wind-up watch part STEM
Worrisome engine sounds PINGS
WWII turning point DDAY
Yasser, former chairman of the 42-Down ARAFAT
___ vapeur (steamed) ALA
___-bitsy ITSY