USA Today – Aug 5 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘. . . you get the idea’ (Abbr.) ETC
‘Closer’ duo ___ and Sara TEGAN
‘In addition . . .’ AND
‘lucky wreck’ poet Limon ADA
‘Mediocre’ author Ijeoma OLUO
‘Sad to say . . .’ ALAS
‘Strange Planet’ creature ALIEN
Amber Ruffin’s Nebraska hometown OMAHA
Astronomer and 2020 Nobel Prize winner Andrea GHEZ
Award for a top athlete MVP
Balloon animal filler AIR
Bit of progress, metaphorically DENT
Buy-one-get-one event SALE
Chat with thumbs TEXT
City with an annual Peach Drop (Abbr.) ATL
Color wheel choice HUE
Discuss again at a later time CIRCLEBACK
Djembe or conga, e.g DRUM
Doesn’t feel so hot AILS
Doesn’t float SINKS
Dorothy, to Auntie Em NIECE
Draw out ELICIT
Fairy tale monster OGRE
Furious IRATE
Genre with roots in the Chicago club scene HOUSEMUSIC
Gets married SAYSIDO
Gives guidance ADVISES
Glasgow native SCOT
Glasses, for short SPECS
Gloria Gaynor’s genre DISCO
Go up RISE
Hosts with microphones EMCEES
Is overcome with fear PANICS
Lake near Cleveland ERIE
Like potatoes in aloo bharta MASHED
Lock of hair TRESS
Long, involved story SAGA
Main courses ENTREES
Moral wrongdoing SIN
Org. where Katherine Johnson worked NASA
Pancake condiment MAPLESYRUP
Paper towel layer PLY
Period right before a deadline TIMECRUNCH
Person who refuses lots of different foods FUSSYEATER
Pro vote YEA
Require NEED
Restaurant handout MENU
River through Uganda NILE
Road goop TAR
Round numbers ZEROES
Secondhand USED
Shed tears CRY
Shoulder muscle, for short DELT
Small recipe amt TSP
Soft drinks SODAS
Some carpools RIDESHARES
Special FX tech CGI
Spiritual teacher GURU
St. ___, Missouri LOUIS
Stir-fry dish often served with pancakes MOOSHU
Tampa Bay NFLers BUCS
Tippy-top APEX
Trial TEST
Trim wool from SHEAR
Two months after Dec FEB
Two months before Dec OCT
Undershirt option TEE
Unfilled space GAP
University website ending EDU
Video segment CLIP
Wabash River’s state INDIANA
Wipe away ERASE
Woodwind instrument that’s 75% vowels OBOE
___ cable (audio connection) AUX
___ positive SEX
___-up (exercise that works lats) CHIN

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