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USA Today – Aug 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘De Cierta Manera’ country CUBA
‘I don’t want to hear this!’ SAVEIT
‘It’s fun to stay at the ___’ YMCA
‘Jane ___’ EYRE
‘Nobody ___ Baby in a corner’ PUTS
‘The ___ the limit!’ SKYS
‘Wish me luck . . .’ HEREGOES
A ‘domino’ one is filled with black beans and cheese EMPANADA
Able to be understood COHERENT
Animal that puts the ‘pair’ in ‘parrot’ LOVEBIRD
Cafe au ___ LAIT
Chop ___ (American Chinese dish) SUEY
Civil rights leader known for her work with the Little Rock Nine DAISYBATES
Coop occupant HEN
Direction opposite sur NORTE
Double-___ (two-section mobile homes) WIDES
Drive-___ THRU
Ear-shaped musical symbol BASSCLEF
Feature of the word ‘ghastly’ SILENTH
Garment with a pencil variety SKIRT
Go together well MESH
Government agents FEDS
Hand-flapping or listening to a song on repeat, for example STIM
Hosts MCS
Human trunks TORSOS
Insect similar to a cricket KATYDID
Insect similar to a termite ROACH
Instrument with keys PIANO, CLARINET
Lambda-winning Da’Shaun L. Harrison book BELLYOFTHEBEAST
Like cvtvhakv CREEK
List of the best TOPTEN
Loses as a supporter ALIENATES
Make angry RILE
Most severe HARSHEST
Nine-digit ID, for short SSN
Not pro- ANTI
Old title derived from ‘Caesar’ TSAR
Person receiving one-on-one guidance MENTEE
Phrase said while raising a glass ATOAST
Pieces of furniture with short legs LOWBOYS
Public test versions of software OPENBETAS
Raison d’___ ETRE
Rating symbols STARS
Really important BIG
Round objects ORBS
Say something SPEAK
Scurries, or destroys SCUTTLES
Searches thoroughly SCOURS
Skin designs, for short TATS
Some computers PCS
Spanish for 3-Down ESTOS
Starfleet Academy students CADETS
State capital with an annual auto race, for short INDY
Steer clear of AVOID
Stories with culprits MYSTERIES
Suffix for ‘Taiwan’ ESE
Talk sweetly COO
This and this THESE
Unassuming MEEK
Unit of land size ACRE
Virgin Island on which Charlotte Amalie is located STTHOMAS
What a team leader might try to boost MORALE
Whitewater vessel RAFT
___ to (take care of) TEND
___-of-the-moment SPUR