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USA Today – Aug 6 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Eww, don’t finish that story!’ TMI
‘Furthermore . . .’ ALSO
‘I’m well ___ of that’ AWARE
‘Sure’ OKAY
‘You Bring Me Joy’ singer Baker ANITA
‘___ Take You There’ (Staple Singers hit) ILL
2018 Helen Hoang novel THEKISSQUOTIENT
And so on (Abbr.) ETC
Barbecue staple BRISKET
Big brawl MELEE
Black-and-white whale ORCA
Browned bread TOAST
Centers of operations, for short HQS
Channel with a three-face logo PBS
Close by NEAR
Collections of bloopers REELS
Complete collections SETS
Constricting snake BOA
Country north of Chile PERU
Coup d’___ ETAT
Cousin’s parent AUNT
Delicious TASTY
Deviate from the course STRAY
Dolphin’s place SEA
Faux ___ PAS
Gator relative CROC
God in 16-Across ALLAH
Hair products GELS
Hi-___ images RES
High school math class, for short CALC
Idealized people are figuratively placed on them PEDESTALS
Ignited LIT
Incorrect answer to ‘Is today Opposite Day?’ YES
Internet fad MEME
Liquefy in the kitchen BLEND
Liquefy in the kitchen PUREE
Lists announced after acting auditions CASTS
Little fights SPATS
Lodging places INNS
Maple liquid SAP
Mardi Gras city, for short NOLA
Nebraska city OMAHA
Not as dangerous SAFER
Not fake REAL
Not nearly enough ALLTOOFEW
Old-style ‘your’ THY
One-celled organisms AMOEBAS
Pieces expressing views OPEDS
Pig enclosure STY
Pig noises OINKS
Pigeon’s murmur COO
Place to swim or hoop YMCA
Position in the standings RANK
Prefix meaning ‘half’ SEMI
Prefix meaning ‘new’ NEO
Promise of repayment IOU
Scared sound EEK
Scared sound GULP
Second-largest religion ISLAM
Sharply inclined STEEP
Slip-___ (easy shoes) ONS
Some hail damage DENTS
Song from back in the day OLDIE
Spotted SAW
Surprised breaths GASPS
The A in a B.A. degree ARTS
The spleen and others ORGANS
The ___ Collective (group for Black women in economics) SADIE
Tools for gardening HOES
Topic in the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples TRIBALCONSENT
Used a bench SAT
What square footage measures AREA
Without interruptions NONSTOP
Word before ‘flight’ or ‘deposit’ DIRECT
Yellow fruit LEMON
___ rights TRANS