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USA Today – Aug 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Awesome!’ RAD
‘Here’s an interesting article y’all might not have seen,’ in online shorthand ICYMI
‘It’s the ___ an era’ ENDOF
‘Neon’ aquarium fish TETRA
‘Too true!’ AMEN
‘What ___ can I say?’ ELSE
‘when r u getting here?’ ETA
‘You doubting me?’ CANTI
A single time ONCE
Acid’s opposite BASE
Action word VERB
Asgardian god of mischief LOKI
British fellow CHAP
Bubble rapidly, like water BOIL
Buffalo’s Great Lake ERIE
Button on a payment touch screen NOTIP
Chopping tools AXES
Cigar residue ASH
City with the Colosseum ROME
Clobber with snowballs, say PELT
Closed SHUT
Compare LIKEN
Curved part of the foot ARCH
Digit in a sock TOE
Egg-hunting holiday EASTER
Enthusiasm VERVE
Enticing scent AROMA
Faith Ringgold, e.g ARTIST
First responder, often EMT
Fragrant purple flowers LILACS
French ___ (brass instrument) HORN
Gently persuade COAX
Gets passed from generation to generation RUNSINTHEFAMILY
Glowing coal EMBER
Henna, e.g DYE
Hit at a fly SWAT
Houston MLB player ASTRO
Jury member PEER
Kachina ___ (Hopi carving) DOLL
La ___ Tar Pits BREA
Large burden ONUS
Masculine principle in Chinese philosophy YANG
Medium gait for a horse TROT
Mine extractions ORES
Mixture used in Chinese cuisine FIVESPICEPOWDER
Notion IDEA
Object that makes a rainbow PRISM
Origami fold CREASE
Pick up the check PAY
Really bothered ATEAT
Reduce the difficulty of EASE
Reverberate ECHO
Road rage emotion FURY
Salad condiment with oil and vinegar ITALIANDRESSING
Sara Ramirez’s character in ‘And Just Like That . . .’ CHE
Shakespeare villain IAGO
Smoothly transition SEGUE
Solo at the Met ARIA
Spiral-cut drink garnish TWIST
Spread, like fingers SPLAY
State with a potato museum IDAHO
Surrounded by AMID
Taco Tuesday sauces SALSAS
The ones here THESE
Throw with effort HEAVE
TikTok or Twitter, e.g APP
Top choice, for short FAVE
Top of a cappuccino FOAM
Trees tapped for syrup MAPLES
Typical USUAL
Unit counted at a checkout counter ITEM
Up to now YET
Upscale German car BMW
What QBs’ passes might lead to TDS
What scissors do CUT
Yes, in Japanese HAI
___ coil (electrical device) TESLA
___ pla (Thai fish sauce) NAM